Monday, 1 June 2009


hell-o! :)

let me give you a light post about my wishes.

♥ graduating from microbiology ITB at 3,5/4 years with cum-laude result
♥ frequently attending microbiology conference in indonesia and overseas.
♥ taking summer school/other short exchange program abroad.
♥becoming a lecturer assistant.
♥ directly continue my study to take master degree on music abroad or biomedical engineering at itb/abroad.
♥ being active at ITB Student Orchestra, Student English Forum ITB, and APRES! ITB also AFS Bandung.

♥ finishing grade 8 of ABRSM violin examination by the time that i get my bachelor degree.
♥ my lovely band angsadanserigala to be a great indie band like 4peniti or cozy street corner (it doesn't have to be major label) has our own album+video clips, etc.
♥ having my own album consist of my own song(bumi, rindu, lullaby, and many more hha) i know this seems to be impossible but i will try.
♥ being a good violin teacher and having my own music school.
♥ being a good seriosa or pop singer.
♥ having my own classical violin recital.
♥ being a member of professional orchestra (such as twilite orchestra, NSO, etc.)
♥ being an inspirational violinist like mas ammy :)

♥ marrying (someday) my prince (will come) at 2015.
♥ being a good housewife who teaches biology at ITB, teaches violin at her own studio home, and performing here and there with her band, and professional orchestra, etc.
♥ living with (someday) my prince (will come) at kota baru parahyangan and having twin babies (girl and boy) :)


what a dream!