Tuesday, 2 June 2009

i'll fly away.

17 almost 18 years old.

yes i'm still young, very young.
frankly, i cannot say "yes" when i have to be commit 1oo% for something. even if i love that thing so much.

i even haven't STARTED university yet.
whatever happens, having (at least) bachelor degree. for me it's a must. music industry sometimes fluctuate. and i think that having back ups is very important. i love music very much, it's the thing that i love the most, actually.
i cannot let my parent down. they have given me good education and facilities. and they have paid so much for my university and i really think that i have to be exceptionally good at my study, like my sisters. i still have dream to be a biologist. taking master degree or maybe doctoral degree. i still want to take exchange program.

in the meantime, music is still have to be number two for me.
but i don't know what will happen 5 years or 7 years from now, maybe i will dedicated my life fully on music.
but for now, music is still a part time job for me .

besides, i still need to find my music.
i love violin, yes i really do. and i do love to sing also.
i love playing at my band as well, while playing at orchestras is also my passion. playing here and there with my klabklassik string trio is still something that i really love. playing as a soloist is still preferable. and playing as wedding entertainment is something that i've just started.
i love folk, i like classical music. i love pop songs. i kinda like rock sometimes.

for me music is still so DIVERSE.
and i think right now it is the time for me to open up myself for everything. it is the time for me to learn anything available. play everywhere. searching for friends and connections.
and my violin playing is still, well, not very distinctive. rather flat. still copying my senior's style.
i still haven't found my soul. i still have so many things to learn. i still have to finished my classical study. i still have to develop my skill. i still want to learn another genre, such as jazz, blues, etc.

the future is still too blurry for me.
the entire world is still too enermous for me.
the pathway of my life is still so long.

it's still the time for me to fly with my little wings everywhere. searching for the right future for me :)

and someday finally i'll stop flying.
someday when i finally reach my final destination.
someday when i finally reach my future!

". apapun posisi aku sekarang, kalau memang rezeki dan jodoh, pasti gak akan kemana, pasti aku akan tetap bersama kalian sampai akhir nanti."


but now i'll fly a bit.
searching for my future.
adventuring in this big world.
flying beneath the big and dainty sky in front of me.
reaching all of my dreams!

p.s. : i'm sorry for being self centered. thanks for your understanding, i really do love you all a lot. let's pray and work hard together for US!
thanks for being the PART of my life guys :)