Sunday, 14 June 2009

time to fight :]

hello all! :)
i'm sorry for not updating this blog for 4 days(or maybe more) i've been quite busy lately.
i really want to optimize this holiday. and i have quite a lot of projects to be done.

1. making 2 songs for "satu atap" comic soundtrack

yeah. comic soundtrack. maybe some of you are feeling weird with the word 'comic soundtrack' but my sister's comic will be brought up by gramedia. the comic title is satu atap. well, i'm not gonna tell you the story here, because it'd be spoiler.
and my sister need someone to make the comic sooundtrack song. the comic soundtrack song will be related to the comic and will be used for the promotion process. and stuffs.
that's quite a good deal for me :) my sister asks for 2 songs, happy and slow. i'm currently working on the happy song. after everything's done, we'll have to do the recording stuffs.

the music format will be vocal (me), piano (my sister), violin 1&2(me), viola (my sister), cello (my sister's boyfriend), drum set or maybe maracas is enough(maybe my brother LOL), and... GLOCKENSPIEL (everyone wants to play glockenspiel and i'm really obsessed to make a song with a touch of glockenspiel. it's so sweet and dreamy!)
i'll have to buy glockenspiel. or maybe i'll lend to kak angkuy hahaha.

2. angsa dan serigala's recording session
recording two songs.. and i'm not gonna tell you what song that we'll be recording, cause it'll also be a spoiler. the recording will take place at ujung berung, 2 whole days. i'm so excited :)

3. and well, performances
as usual angsa dan serigala's performances at the end of the month, klabklassik string trio performance at some international seminar for three days next week, musik sore klabklassik, ririungan gitar bandung (seems like i'm gonna play guitar again yippie) and many more.

4. while i have to practice for my ABRSM sixth grade music examination PLUS music theory examination.

5. and i have to read a bit about microbiology, biodiversity and stuffs.
i don't wanna be retarded in School of Life Sciences and Techonology ITB in next august :)

6. and i have to learn to drive a car to get my driver's license.

7. Lomba Cipta Lagu Perlindungan Lapisan Ozon from Kementrian Negara Lingkungan Hidup.
thanks for mba putri to give me the news of this competition. i'll try to follow this competition as well. i have to do many practices. and this competition will be one of the practice for me to be a great composer someday (amin!) and well, fyi the price is 15 million (IF YOU WIN) and your song's copyright will be taken by the ministry. and the competition requires us to write the partitur also. well -_- but it's really still worth trying, although i'm not really expecting myself to win. but i have to try :)

and that's all (hopefully)
i'll be very busy and tired for sure. but that's worth it.
i have to be a super creative and succesful girl.
thanks God for all of your bless :)
just pray for me and leave supportive words on the comment box LOL :)
gotta catch all of my dreams up in the sky!

and right now i'm as bright and happy like this YIPPIE! time to reach my dreams!


p.s : two weeks from now i'll be 18! :) and today is special :)