Saturday, 20 June 2009

oh, my week♥

so let's see. i've disappeared for 5 days from this blog ( i mean posting something serious or something rather long )
and now. i've spent whole day on my bed. not making songs, practicing violin, piano or vocal, nor doing any performance or job. i'm having my period and it feels slightly more hurt than usual. well, thanks for my laptop, my dolls, anyone who have their account on on ym or plurk or facebook and accompanying me all day long, and the strange internet connection in my room.

so where have i been?

itb held an international conference on energy and environment.and klabklassik string trio (me, syarif, mbak zisa) played there. people always need music, especially after a conference like that. their brains definetely need something relaxing :)
and we played the usual format (me-vocal, violin, syarif-guitar, mbak zisa-cello) and the usual song list. except that we tried to add indonesian songs. traditional things like seputih melati, sirih kuning, and bandung. and oldies stuffs. like chrisye's song and things like tembang kenangan and stuffs LOL.

and it was quite a good and relaxing performances.

firstly on monday, we played at aula barat itb at biotechnology conference while the participants had their lunch. and the next performance was scheduled to be on 5 pm, at boulevard. but it rained pretty bad. so our performance was on gsg, and it started on 7pm or so. we had to wait for almost 6 hours. and we ate a lot. first at university bookstore then we went to warung pasta. oh, oh, gembul string trio. LOL.

*hha. warung pasta*

and we played duo etude, while having THE COMPOSER of the song there (mas ammy i mean, he played for the dinner-duh) it was really terrifying.
i almost slipped my bow off :p
and mas ammy said our mimic were extraordinary. and a bit scary. haha, but mine was better than mas syarif's and mbak zisa's. at least i tried to smile (i mean if i played really bad, people would not be that mad to me when my face is happy and smiley)
and after playing duo etude and korobushka (back to the old days) we played canon in d for maybe 15 minutes or so for the music background of a fashion show. oh God. i really felt like my left hand had fallen off. LOL.

*my hand must be trembling*

on tuesday we played with different personel. mas syarif had so many students (oh how i want to be a music teacher like him) so he could not play. besides, we weren't supposed to play on tuesday, we were replacing ISO's performance. so we played with mas hendy, my sister's friend. and it was really good :) and we played at boulevard campus center because suprisingly it didn't rain. i was quite happy, especially i could sing my favourite song, i will fly ten 2 five. and i met my ITB 2oo9 friends also. they're in itb's bridging program. there were regy, bori, etc. i was quite surprised to see them.

*our guest star, hendy reinaldo*

we had a day on wednesday. so i took that day to check my health at bumi medika ganesha (for usm's purpose) and finished all administration thingy up. finishing my satu atap first song (yippie, finally!) taking my violin course. and going to the dentist (-_-) well i have to wear braces (you see my tooth is extraordinarily bad and crowded) so lotta of thing have to be done before august.

we started again on thursday. it was a quite nice performance also. and i met agung :D he was also in the bridging program. and oh, we got our fee today. it made me really really happy. i have to earn lot of money for my future. it felt different when we can buy things with our own money, and it'd also be wonderful if finally i could earn for living :)

*thursday :)*

and the last day was friday. i went to school again to get my uan's score. it was not outstanding. but i'm quite satisfied, because i really did all of the questions by myself. and i got 9,25 at my biology. i'm quite pleased :) after that i went to bni, storing my money to my account. and i went to melodia. actually i wanted to register myself for abrsm music test, but then i just got the information that the registration for bandung test this september has ended. i think i'll go for 2o1o maybe for grade 7 or 8. may~be. and then i went to itb, for the performance. me and my sister ate first at university bookstore, i was really starving. and finally i could put on eye shadow and eye liner by myself (of course with my sister's help also) and i met so many 2oo9s and made friends with some. great! :)

*oh, the last day :)*

and after that me with my mom accompanied my brother to his guitar concert. at maximo cafe puri setiabudi. it was shivering cold. especially when i only wore thin stocking. and i got no jacket.

ah, and finally the long week is over.

today actually i want to go to klabklassik's guitar seminar at boromeus hall. but i got my period. and well, i could not get up.

ah. this post is getting too long.
actually i want to write about klabklassik string trio's history. but. well this post has been too long -_-
ok, i rest my case! i'll post about klabklassik string trio's history and some post about musicality later on.

byebye! thanks for reading.