Sunday, 21 November 2010

chasing pavements.

should i give up or should i just keep chasing pavements, even if it leads to nowhere?

yesterday when the CD player at the car 'sensitively' played this song, all that we can do is sing along.

frustrating, please don't torture me.

Thursday, 18 November 2010


wow, i haven't written anything in this blog for a long time, long long time.

well, hello! how are you all?

so, where have i been?
currently i'm playing double role as a real microbiology student and a part time musician while leaving my comfort zone away and finding a new comfort zone.

the picture was taken by my fellow microbiologist, robby ganesha, thank you robby!

i'm loving my role as a real microbiology student although it's driving me crazy and consume almost my entire brain to study biophysics, organic chemistry and analytical chemistry. and consume my time to be at the laboratory for hours and doing gazillions tasks (journal, experiment report, etc.) every weekend. plus i'm taking extra subject(my ambition to follow fast track program). but i'm loving it so much. i really think that this microbiology really suits me :) and just pray for me that i can be a good food/medical microbiologist! :)

pictures are taken from here, thank you agung! :)

i really love my role as a part time musician too. although it really took almost my whole spare time. i mean, if i'm not in the laboratory or campus then you have 90% chance to catch me at some random studio, practicing; at music school, studying music; at random gig, performing; or at random wedding or acoustic performance, working. it's tiring, although it doesn't consume brain as much as my study but i consume my energy a loads to perform well. not forget to mention about : late night performances which leave me sleepy at morning classes, performances outside town that will take my entire day and force me to bring my task thus doing it while waiting or even on road,
but i'm happy with this, with my angsa dan serigala, voice of june, klabklassik string trio, and some band that use me as an additional.

because as i have mentioned before, i'm leaving my comfort zone, really really leaving it to open my heart for a new comfort zone. and it doesn't feel nice and warm and secure. it's harsh, it's not safe, and it's still a probability to have a new comfort zone. meaning right now, i'm TRULY INDEPENDENT and as a person being independent really tortures me. and i'm using my double role to push away my thoughts from loneliness, inferiority syndromes, and stuffs.

i have to be tough and magical, cause that's the way 'he' always see me :)

and who knows what will happen in the future? (quoting someone)

i'll talk to you later, now i have to catch up for my group presentation's experiment at 10 am. just wish me luck! and wish me luck for this weekend! (God please just give the best for me)

with loads of love
afifa ayu ♥