Wednesday, 10 June 2009

musical imagination..

have you ever wondered why beethoven's most brilliant composition appeared years after he had been completely deaf?

there's something called musical imagination.

assume that you're someone with an extraordinary musical imagination. picture yourself sitting still at your living room in a warm afternoon. and suddenly a melody or an orchestra suddenly play inside your room. you're not listening to a tv or radio. but that melody suddenly appears in your mind. you're not exactly hearing it, but your imagining it.
as an extreme example, take beethoven. when he had been completely deaf, his auditory lobe of his brain was not divided anymore to hear sounds and to imagine sounds. that made his auditory lobe even more sensitive to this musical imagination.
and melodies, rhythms, accompaniment start to pop in his head.

really you don't have to hear things to make music. if you have great ability on musical imagination.

some might only imagine music playing inside his head. maybe from music sheet or music that they have heard.
some might imagine simple melodies and frames.
and some might have an orchestra playing (his own beyond consciousness) symphony or concerto.
some might feel that imaging music before concerts and stuffs (mental practice) feels almost the same as physical practice, and almost as beneficial as physical practice.

it's such a great gift that God gives to them.
that's also explain why people who don't read musical note and even understand it can make a great song. great melodies, patterns, and rhythms keep popping in their head.

for me?
well. maybe i only have a little of this ability.
i can imagine melodies in my head. but i have to think it before. it doesn't appear by itself.
maybe this ability will surely help you on creating songs and composing and arranging songs.
but.. i have to be grateful for the things that God have given to me.

and keep struggling to create new fresh songs that you'll like!


asparaguz said...

semangat dong..
apapun yg dikerjakan harus dimulai dengan semangat..

insyaAllah berkah..

afifaayu said...

makasii ay hihi.