Thursday, 4 June 2009

3 years of everything :)

today i went to school.

for what?
1. to collect envelopes that'd be used to deliver my UAN's result (oh my God.why can't school provide us?i mean it's just envelope and 3ooorupiah stamp!)
2. to donate book for the library. it's compulsory to get a 'library free notice' to make your STTB issued. LOL.

and i wore uniform (although i didn't wear belt, and socks, and black proper shoes-instead i wore black crocs haha)

but do you know how i felt?
walking inside the school was entirely different than months before. wearing uniform inside school was different. greeting
i felt touched.

let's do some flash back.
10-5. 11 ipa 7. 12 ipa 9.
mk3. band3. english club 3->student english forum 3.

first grade. PLIST (sorry i only attended 1 days of PLIST) awkward new student. awkward extra big uniform. hardly kept up with the lesson. after school mk practice. band audition. broken ankle. unfair decision. decided to forget my love of my life, because he had been so cruel. got my first report card. had my first crush at high school. shocked. learned to live a new life. AFS test. spent more time debating and competing english than playing music. had a scandal here and there. really wanted to quit. almost found my true love but it ended badly. finally found other thing outside school. ran away. dengue fever. second report card (which was good!) moving to second grade, science class. went everywhere with ITB Student Orchestra during the summer break.

second grade. still awkward. got to know some new best friends with golden hearts. started to love someone named bear so much. started to be the klabklassik string duo. started to know the real music world, jobs, offers to play with widely known band as a string section, orchestras. audition for OSNI. got accepted at short AFS program to japan. resital dua gitar. heart melt than heart break. went to japan with heart as cold as winter. went home, desperately want to search a new love. ALSA UI, heart wrenching competition. ended up as quarter finalist, after being defeated by our own brother and sister. heart break. debate depressed. suddenly spent more time playing music than debating. accepted at twilite youth. new crush. another fight. strange crush. another fight and scandals. got A mark on my violin 5th grade examination (unbelievable) suddenly an angel came during the semester test. fourteen-o-six-o-eight. the refusal. my second rank. heart breaking events during holiday.

third grade. the hardest part of all. the first semester was all about depressed and refusal. tears and tears and tears. found it extremely hard to catch up with the study. joined primagama with my best friend. tears again and again. started to do tryouts, which was quite well. started to review things from first and second grade. being found by my dearest band angsa dan serigala. started to play violin more. more heart breaking issues. i'm all outta love. really lost my grip. third rank at class. things got better and better and settled down! (alhamdulilah) joined daniel. and daniel became my second home. second semester was better and more focused. i studied hard everyday. and i began to play with klabklassik string duo->klabklassik string trio frequently. i played with angsa dan serigala so much too. i got jobs and sang everywhere. i won 3rd prize of musikustix kompas song writing competition. life got better (alhamdulillah) daniel tryouts was satisfying. SIMAK UI. USM 1 ITB-> FKM UI, SITH ITB (ALHAMDULILLAH) and then national examination. bermuda triangle. school's examination. it was like crap. ujian praktek. it was also like crap :p last day of school, it was music. i played quite well. help rsbi selection and stuffs.

and here i am now.
waiting for august.
and... missing my school, my sman 3 bandung..

although sometimes i hate my school. i hate some of the way we get education there. i hate to see that this school is really occupied by brilliant people and i have to work like a lunatic to keep on with them. i hate to do some routine in my school. i hate to remember that i had some bad memories in some clique. i hate to remember that i had act strange to some cliques and lost contact with them. i hate to remember that sometimes i am a complete nerd.
although i felt dozens of bad memories.
my good memories were uncountable.

i love this school! i have learned to strive so much in this high school. without this high school i would never learn about hard work and also accepting destiny. i also have learned that there are so many types of people and there are different ways to deal with people. i also found some true friends here. i found great teachers and i actually i get a good education here. i found english debating through this school. this school is like a simulation of life for me, with many challenging troubles, types of people, and happiness.

for the conclusion.

3 years at SMA Negeri 3 Bandung is very remarkable for me. 3 years of everything :)
thank you my dear friends.
thank you my honourable teachers.thank you for teaching me those lesson of life.
i just hope that we all will remember this memory till the end of time. and we all could pass high school with satisfying result. and continue our study in good university and having a better life after this :)

i'll miss you and love you so much, my highschool memories!