Monday, 1 June 2009


pancake.. kue wajan, once my best friend said.

well, i've just learned to make pancake. it tasted a little bit too salty but you won't realize it once it's mixed with maple syrup. well, i'll try to make a better recipe after this, but this recipe will work as well :)

ingredients :
1 egg
1/2 cup of flour
2 until 4 tbs of sugar

directions :
1. beat the egg
2. add flour and sugar and continue mixing it
3. add milk as needed until you achieve a nice consistency. The batter should be thick enough to make a thick pancake but liquid enough to pour,
4. melt butter on the frying pan
5. carefully pour the batter on the frying pan
6. cook it until it turns yellow-brown, flip it to the other side
7. your pancake is ready! put strawberries chunks, maple syrup, whip cream, honey or anything you like :)

*sorry for the strange words. i will look up into english cooking book to learn more :)

let's try it :)



mbak aly said...

Fif, menteganya pake lurprak, jangan blueband, ntar asin XD

afifaayu said...

ooh gitu mbak. pantes!