Tuesday, 23 June 2009

a cinderella costumed-afifa♥

prom nine!
ok tonight :)
THE prom night. something that mia thermopolis from the princess diaries serial just really can't wait (for the sake of giving each other's precious gift with michael thermopolis LOL-argh, i haven't read the latest edition. will they be together again? but i vote for J.P. more ^^)

well, me? for the sake of using my cute cinderella gown, i can't wait for tonight too.
but wait, why did i choose to be a cinderella?
i didn't mean to really imitate cinderella, actually. i has the gown. better than cutting off my salary and use it to make another dress, i would prefer something available. some of my friend said that wearing costume is imitating characters and it means that you're not being yourself.,

but i think, clothes is just an outer crust of someone. i'm not being cinderella. but i'm being afifa that wears cinderella costume. and i think i want to look like a princess sometimes. ok, this is silly. but i think every girl has this obsession (at least when they were just a child) an obsession to become pretty and beautiful, wearing fancy dress and attending ball dance :) if you don't have it, no hard feelings. LOL.
and i also want to emphasize that everyone can be beautiful with a beautiful dress and a sincere heart :) you'll never find a princess in a fairy tale like me, but today i'm being a one day princess :) a cinderella costumed afifa :)

and oh well, this is my prom (and this is my smashing argument and my team split-oh, i miss english debating-) and it's everybody's right to wear anything to express themselves.
i choose to express myself with this princess dress. i don't want to reflect ONLY an outer beauty of a fairy tale princess, the thing that i really want to express is their sincere and beautiful heart.

i hope that i also have that, as a cinderella costumed-afifa :)
everybody can be a princess. everybody can always wear a crown and tiara. every girl is beautiful :)
and i know i always be my dad's little princess :D LOL. (though now maybe i'm a bit too old for the word 'little princess' i'm almost 18, geez)

ah, and now checklist!
cinderella gown (checked)
tiara (checked)
blue velvet choker (checked)
hand gloves (checked)
high heels (checked)
clutch bag (ah,still have to find it)
sincere heart (checked checked. this is the most important thing!)

i'll go to the salon at 3.30 pm, to do the make up (i want it to be simple and elegant) and the hair do (just like cinderella's hair)
i'll go to the prom with rudini. he'll be a korean prince costumed-rudini. LOL. we'll have loads of fun~ let's enjoy prom NINE guys, this is our once in a life time experienced! :)

*hope that it won't be too tiring. coz tomorrow i have to be my brother's "soundgirl" in his performance at his school. and also i'll have angsa's recording session :)

i'm happy. and i'm sincere.
i'm princess afifa (rofl)
thanks all♥