Monday, 8 June 2009

soo excited!

i'm enjoying myself right now. because i've just got a NEW LAPTOP! yiippie :)

meet her (geez, it has a gender -__-)

a pink lenovo s10. that i bought at telkomsel customer day yesterday at BSM after i had a wedding singer (again) job. well but don't assume that i use my salary to buy this laptop, mom and pa bought this laptop for me.

not that my toshiba before was not sufficient for me. actually the feature was sufficient (since i only use laptop for facebook, blogging, plurking, chatting, browsing, making silly stories, making assignments, making songs and arranging songs with sibellius, mixing songs sometimes and another simple activities..)
but the real problem is that..

the toshiba is too heavy for me.
but i'm not kidding.
yeah, if you know me you can see although i'm a bit fat (or i'm fat, actually) i'm really short and.. well. really WEAK. LOL.
and i think carrying that big toshiba would be a real torturation for me when i have to walk in ITB haha. i mean first year i would have big lectures combined with other major in place like GKU barat, GKU timur, tvst, moving all year round.

so i bought this netbook.
a pink one (i had to spend extra two hundred thousand rupiah, but for a PINK LAPTOP, i think it's quite worthy)
at first i was confused with the word 'netbook' well netbook is actually quite the same with notebook. but when notebook is identical with 12 inch size or bigger, netbook is identical with 12 inch size and smaller. and mine is 10 inch.
and netbook doesn't provide as sophisticated feature as notebook. its processor is still intel atom, not core duo. but i don't really need a high tech computer actually, as long as it works for the function i've mentioned before.

and how about the smile and chic vaio like papa's?
oh that's notebook. small notebook. small appearance. as light as netbook. but as sophisticated as notebook. but that means a price higher than ten million.
no thanks.

but i'm very happy with this laptop(yea yea, netbook) i love pink, besides the keyboard is really comfortable to be used.
but the thing that i like most is that..

the weight is only 1,25 kg.
thanks God!
thanks mom pa!


*any suggestion for my new laptop name? pinky? that seems too cheesy.. LOL.


asparaguz said...

Ehm..ehm.. Baru niy.. :)
Ayo, dengan benda baru ini, smoga prestasinya bsa ditingkatkan lagi..
Btw, namanya itu lenovo s10, nama yg bagus kan? :p

afifaayu said...

iyaa dongs. haha amiin :D amin :D mudah2an keluar lagu lagu yang bagus dari laptop ini.

itu MERK, bukan NAMA.