Wednesday, 30 December 2009

learn to love again :3

A Girl Meets Bossanova 2, the album from my currently favorite singer, olivia ong :3

a chinese singaporean singer, only 24 years old. this album was launched in 2006. i really love her sweet and airily singing voice.
and i really love the bossanova arrangement of all the song. the percussion, the saxophone solo and everything.

oh, and the lyrics of the song is really really suitable and inspiring for a little girl like me that strive to find a new love hahaha. LOL.

better love, that seems a bit near, very sweet and tender :)
and also confusing.
in a way that i am not really good in crushing somebody. and during the past experiences my love story ended up badly.
i don't really know how should i act, how should i talk, how should i smile, how should i dress. is this too much? or does he like it? does he feel annoyed about my presence? am i too talkative? what does he feel toward me? does his kindness mean something? or it's just his usual attitude?

really confusing. but sweet.
let's work on it, slowly but sure.
and i can only pray to God that everything will end up nicely :3



finally, after -hmm- let me count it.. 3 months without a blogspot, finally i can write again in this blog :)

just an quick update for this post.
and my life has completely changed. really really change. hopefully towards betterment.
and i'm having a quite long holiday until late january or maybe early february.
and i have so many plans for this holiday ^^

well i'm quite happy now. with my university, solitary, love, violin, and everything.

let's see the new day ^^