Friday, 26 June 2009

recording lalala♫

fifa. kak poppy. kak ardit.shining and sparkling enermous pearl drum.

we were at master plan studio, owned by uki peter pan. the drum was really amazing -said kak poppy- and really noisy -said me-

we recorded one of our song. the studio is just so good :)

it was my first time to do recording there. the sounding was so good. they put me inside cubicle to reduce high and reverb (this is exactly what i need, violin is really troublesome with HIGH. if you don't ask the sound man to 'cut' your high and increase your middle, it will make you hear loud and terrible high pitched noises) and they also used sensitive microphones in front of me and above me, while still pluging my pick up into a direct box.

hope the result will be satisfying! and hope that people will love it :)

always ♥ you all so much, angsadanserigala!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

finally, prom nine

ok, finally. some post about prom nine of sman 3 bandung class of 2oo9 :)
for the short summary : it was quite enjoyable and -well- have to admit that my dress is so good LOL.

tuesday,23rd of june 2oo9

ok, the day started with usual routine. and i remembered that i have to go to school to get my Dana Titipan Pendidikan and also picked up rudini, and also bought my bag ( i hadn't got one )
so i went to school and finished up the DTP thingy. i didn't even know that my mom's stored this money at school 3 years ago, but whatever! :p after that i waited for rudini triyadi -my escort tonight- at kantin sehat sman 3 bandung.
i sat with silat and nyonyo, we discussed about our itb re-registration stuffs. and finally rudini came, and we went to pvj.
we went directly to the place that my sister had suggested (beside carrefour escalator) and gotcha. i found her (EHM, her) a nice and pretty blue-silver bag. it was 108000 IDR, and i used my own money. but the bag was really good, so i didn't regret my choice :p
and after buying korea's ice cream and pretzel dog we went home.

and i waited for air crash investigation after lunch, but it didn't show up. so i slept. i was really tired and sleepy. and i woke up at about 3pm and had to go directly to the salon.

i went to lenny fora salon, quite near from my house.
this is me and my sister's regular salon for big events, such as : this prom night. i went there when i had to sing with traditional costume when i was still at bina vokalia pranadjaja (LOL), i went there for my elementary school graduation, i went there for my junior high graduation, i also went there for my performance with the titans back there =)
first they washed my hair.
and before they did something to my hair, i gave them a picture of cinderella (an original disney picture) and gave them my tiara.
and the hair stylist thought that i was a junior high student (LOL)
and they did a lot of thing with my hair. the result was amazing, despite of my limited short hair.
and they did the make up. i really hate the part when they use icecube before they put foundation on my face. and i hate when they sticked false eyelashes on my eyes. i hate when they put mascara.

but the result is quite incredible :)

oh, scary. those gigantic eyes and fake eye lashes LOL :D

at home, i put all of the costume and accessories. gown, gloves, choker, and heels.
after that, i did some photo shoot with rudini. my sister really wanted to do photo manipulations for me, rudini, and both. i posed as a cinderella, and rudini as... hmm, korean prince? LOL.


and after that, i tried my best to put everything inside my bag. handphone, two wallets, tissue, camera, eye glasses case, battery, and everything.
but i ended up not bringing my gigantic wallet and leaving some money, my ID, and my credit card on my bag.

finally we arrived at grand aquilla. ok my prom.
i filled up the guest book and got some pop corn. and i looked around. there were pami (she was gorgeous with her black and red dress plus extra high heels) and peni (very cute with her witch dress and small hat)
finally we went upstairs to the ballroom. i walked with rudini and we posed in front of the red carpet (yeah just like movie stars)

and we went inside to sit. the ballroom wasn't very occupied and we picked a place to sit. first we sat with gita and upi.
then we sat with bunch of 3ipa8 girls(silat, seli,manda, nyonyo, tania,nenden, etc.) and ichil and wita.

great banquet :)

people kept coming. their dress and tux and costume were incredible :)
let's write their costumes (according to my memory)

almira wore a cleopatra costume. cool.
apri wore a gatotkaca costume. cool.
silat, ipong and many others were dressing up with korean costume.

hey, the girls :)

ael and okky came together. ael wore a black gown and okky wore a romanian soldier costume. oh gosh, perfect.
febia wore a snow white costume. yeay, disney!
aqis wore a little red riding hood plus her fruit basket. another disney.

two disney princess :)

asmi was a willy wonka. cool.
nyonyo wore a french maid costume. pretty.
and so many more amazing gowns and costumes and tuxedos.

marsha's gown is so pretty and elegant :)

anty and silat were also beautiful :)

and the party began.
but well, since i am still a quiet cinderella. i just sat there, talking, and taking some photos and try to enjoy the thing. finally we ate while watching 2009's video, it was quite good and i was starving too. i ate some rice, some chicken, lasagna, and soup.

and the 2009 performances began.
there were bands, tiloe's theater, and so on. and bands and bands and bands. LOL.

i sat still but my heart was enjoying the party :) watching all of my friends, some were sitting still, some were dancing crazily on the dance floor, some were eating again, some were chatting happily.
i smiled and try to capture all of the scene on my mind. as my sweetest high school memory :)

tick tock. the clock was ticking. it was almost 11.30 pm. and i felt really sleepy and tired.
and to really played my part as a cinderella. i really have to go home before 00am.
first, i didn't want to transform to the real cinderella, with poor clothes.
second, my car would transform into a pumpkin. then how would i go home? my home was near, but i didn't want to walk. i'd rather check myself in to get some room at grand aquila LOL.
third, i didn't want to lose one of my mom's high heels. she'd extremely furious.
fourth, tomorrow would be a tiring day. recording and stuffs.
fifth, i was really tired. finally i thanked God that Angsa dan Serigala didn't have to play at prom. if they played, i have to stay until the end of the prom, because our performance would be at the end (or near the end) of the prom. that'd be around 1am or 2am. i hate midnight performance :p

oh and i finally went home.

i was super tired.

and when i came home, it was 15 minutes before 00 am. great, i made it just in time! :)
i cleaned up my face. and slept still with my unnormal hair. LOL.


ok. now high school has ended. but the memory will never fade. but still now... it's time to :


yihaa! ^^ School of Life Sciences and Technology!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

cinderella maen facebook♥

it's quite strange. a cinderella is playing facebook with her lenovo♥ LOL!

prom nine was quite great, i'll give you a post with that after i've finished my band's recording :)

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

a cinderella costumed-afifa♥

prom nine!
ok tonight :)
THE prom night. something that mia thermopolis from the princess diaries serial just really can't wait (for the sake of giving each other's precious gift with michael thermopolis LOL-argh, i haven't read the latest edition. will they be together again? but i vote for J.P. more ^^)

well, me? for the sake of using my cute cinderella gown, i can't wait for tonight too.
but wait, why did i choose to be a cinderella?
i didn't mean to really imitate cinderella, actually. i has the gown. better than cutting off my salary and use it to make another dress, i would prefer something available. some of my friend said that wearing costume is imitating characters and it means that you're not being yourself.,

but i think, clothes is just an outer crust of someone. i'm not being cinderella. but i'm being afifa that wears cinderella costume. and i think i want to look like a princess sometimes. ok, this is silly. but i think every girl has this obsession (at least when they were just a child) an obsession to become pretty and beautiful, wearing fancy dress and attending ball dance :) if you don't have it, no hard feelings. LOL.
and i also want to emphasize that everyone can be beautiful with a beautiful dress and a sincere heart :) you'll never find a princess in a fairy tale like me, but today i'm being a one day princess :) a cinderella costumed afifa :)

and oh well, this is my prom (and this is my smashing argument and my team split-oh, i miss english debating-) and it's everybody's right to wear anything to express themselves.
i choose to express myself with this princess dress. i don't want to reflect ONLY an outer beauty of a fairy tale princess, the thing that i really want to express is their sincere and beautiful heart.

i hope that i also have that, as a cinderella costumed-afifa :)
everybody can be a princess. everybody can always wear a crown and tiara. every girl is beautiful :)
and i know i always be my dad's little princess :D LOL. (though now maybe i'm a bit too old for the word 'little princess' i'm almost 18, geez)

ah, and now checklist!
cinderella gown (checked)
tiara (checked)
blue velvet choker (checked)
hand gloves (checked)
high heels (checked)
clutch bag (ah,still have to find it)
sincere heart (checked checked. this is the most important thing!)

i'll go to the salon at 3.30 pm, to do the make up (i want it to be simple and elegant) and the hair do (just like cinderella's hair)
i'll go to the prom with rudini. he'll be a korean prince costumed-rudini. LOL. we'll have loads of fun~ let's enjoy prom NINE guys, this is our once in a life time experienced! :)

*hope that it won't be too tiring. coz tomorrow i have to be my brother's "soundgirl" in his performance at his school. and also i'll have angsa's recording session :)

i'm happy. and i'm sincere.
i'm princess afifa (rofl)
thanks all♥

Saturday, 20 June 2009

all you need is love.

yes, indeed. all you need is love.

do a little demon deserve to beloved also?


when you don't have a beautiful face. have a beautiful heart.
but what do you have to do when you don't have it both?
a little demon.

oh, my week♥

so let's see. i've disappeared for 5 days from this blog ( i mean posting something serious or something rather long )
and now. i've spent whole day on my bed. not making songs, practicing violin, piano or vocal, nor doing any performance or job. i'm having my period and it feels slightly more hurt than usual. well, thanks for my laptop, my dolls, anyone who have their account on on ym or plurk or facebook and accompanying me all day long, and the strange internet connection in my room.

so where have i been?

itb held an international conference on energy and environment.and klabklassik string trio (me, syarif, mbak zisa) played there. people always need music, especially after a conference like that. their brains definetely need something relaxing :)
and we played the usual format (me-vocal, violin, syarif-guitar, mbak zisa-cello) and the usual song list. except that we tried to add indonesian songs. traditional things like seputih melati, sirih kuning, and bandung. and oldies stuffs. like chrisye's song and things like tembang kenangan and stuffs LOL.

and it was quite a good and relaxing performances.

firstly on monday, we played at aula barat itb at biotechnology conference while the participants had their lunch. and the next performance was scheduled to be on 5 pm, at boulevard. but it rained pretty bad. so our performance was on gsg, and it started on 7pm or so. we had to wait for almost 6 hours. and we ate a lot. first at university bookstore then we went to warung pasta. oh, oh, gembul string trio. LOL.

*hha. warung pasta*

and we played duo etude, while having THE COMPOSER of the song there (mas ammy i mean, he played for the dinner-duh) it was really terrifying.
i almost slipped my bow off :p
and mas ammy said our mimic were extraordinary. and a bit scary. haha, but mine was better than mas syarif's and mbak zisa's. at least i tried to smile (i mean if i played really bad, people would not be that mad to me when my face is happy and smiley)
and after playing duo etude and korobushka (back to the old days) we played canon in d for maybe 15 minutes or so for the music background of a fashion show. oh God. i really felt like my left hand had fallen off. LOL.

*my hand must be trembling*

on tuesday we played with different personel. mas syarif had so many students (oh how i want to be a music teacher like him) so he could not play. besides, we weren't supposed to play on tuesday, we were replacing ISO's performance. so we played with mas hendy, my sister's friend. and it was really good :) and we played at boulevard campus center because suprisingly it didn't rain. i was quite happy, especially i could sing my favourite song, i will fly ten 2 five. and i met my ITB 2oo9 friends also. they're in itb's bridging program. there were regy, bori, etc. i was quite surprised to see them.

*our guest star, hendy reinaldo*

we had a day on wednesday. so i took that day to check my health at bumi medika ganesha (for usm's purpose) and finished all administration thingy up. finishing my satu atap first song (yippie, finally!) taking my violin course. and going to the dentist (-_-) well i have to wear braces (you see my tooth is extraordinarily bad and crowded) so lotta of thing have to be done before august.

we started again on thursday. it was a quite nice performance also. and i met agung :D he was also in the bridging program. and oh, we got our fee today. it made me really really happy. i have to earn lot of money for my future. it felt different when we can buy things with our own money, and it'd also be wonderful if finally i could earn for living :)

*thursday :)*

and the last day was friday. i went to school again to get my uan's score. it was not outstanding. but i'm quite satisfied, because i really did all of the questions by myself. and i got 9,25 at my biology. i'm quite pleased :) after that i went to bni, storing my money to my account. and i went to melodia. actually i wanted to register myself for abrsm music test, but then i just got the information that the registration for bandung test this september has ended. i think i'll go for 2o1o maybe for grade 7 or 8. may~be. and then i went to itb, for the performance. me and my sister ate first at university bookstore, i was really starving. and finally i could put on eye shadow and eye liner by myself (of course with my sister's help also) and i met so many 2oo9s and made friends with some. great! :)

*oh, the last day :)*

and after that me with my mom accompanied my brother to his guitar concert. at maximo cafe puri setiabudi. it was shivering cold. especially when i only wore thin stocking. and i got no jacket.

ah, and finally the long week is over.

today actually i want to go to klabklassik's guitar seminar at boromeus hall. but i got my period. and well, i could not get up.

ah. this post is getting too long.
actually i want to write about klabklassik string trio's history. but. well this post has been too long -_-
ok, i rest my case! i'll post about klabklassik string trio's history and some post about musicality later on.

byebye! thanks for reading.


Wednesday, 17 June 2009

day 2!

klabklassik string trio at international conference of sustainable energy.
16 June 2oo9. 5 pm. Boulevard Campus Center ITB.
afifa ayu-azisa noor. featuring:hendy reinaldo.

*still 2 performances left :)

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

international conference day 1

klabklassik string trio. afifa ayu-azisa noor-syarif maulana
GSG ITB 7 pm 15th of June 2009

Sunday, 14 June 2009

bon voyage!

this is my first fashion label post. enjoy it:)

dress-n.Y.L.a . . short sleeved cardigan-esprit .. bag-from milan .. sandal-colehan.

**model : afifa ayu
photo manipulation : azisa noor

grow me love♥

you see, love is something that you have to nurture carefully everyday, just like a new born baby or a plant seeds.

it takes time to grow love. you have to nurture the seed everyday, until it grows bigger, bigger, and happier :)

oh, today is 14th of june. thanks GOD.

time to fight :]

hello all! :)
i'm sorry for not updating this blog for 4 days(or maybe more) i've been quite busy lately.
i really want to optimize this holiday. and i have quite a lot of projects to be done.

1. making 2 songs for "satu atap" comic soundtrack

yeah. comic soundtrack. maybe some of you are feeling weird with the word 'comic soundtrack' but my sister's comic will be brought up by gramedia. the comic title is satu atap. well, i'm not gonna tell you the story here, because it'd be spoiler.
and my sister need someone to make the comic sooundtrack song. the comic soundtrack song will be related to the comic and will be used for the promotion process. and stuffs.
that's quite a good deal for me :) my sister asks for 2 songs, happy and slow. i'm currently working on the happy song. after everything's done, we'll have to do the recording stuffs.

the music format will be vocal (me), piano (my sister), violin 1&2(me), viola (my sister), cello (my sister's boyfriend), drum set or maybe maracas is enough(maybe my brother LOL), and... GLOCKENSPIEL (everyone wants to play glockenspiel and i'm really obsessed to make a song with a touch of glockenspiel. it's so sweet and dreamy!)
i'll have to buy glockenspiel. or maybe i'll lend to kak angkuy hahaha.

2. angsa dan serigala's recording session
recording two songs.. and i'm not gonna tell you what song that we'll be recording, cause it'll also be a spoiler. the recording will take place at ujung berung, 2 whole days. i'm so excited :)

3. and well, performances
as usual angsa dan serigala's performances at the end of the month, klabklassik string trio performance at some international seminar for three days next week, musik sore klabklassik, ririungan gitar bandung (seems like i'm gonna play guitar again yippie) and many more.

4. while i have to practice for my ABRSM sixth grade music examination PLUS music theory examination.

5. and i have to read a bit about microbiology, biodiversity and stuffs.
i don't wanna be retarded in School of Life Sciences and Techonology ITB in next august :)

6. and i have to learn to drive a car to get my driver's license.

7. Lomba Cipta Lagu Perlindungan Lapisan Ozon from Kementrian Negara Lingkungan Hidup.
thanks for mba putri to give me the news of this competition. i'll try to follow this competition as well. i have to do many practices. and this competition will be one of the practice for me to be a great composer someday (amin!) and well, fyi the price is 15 million (IF YOU WIN) and your song's copyright will be taken by the ministry. and the competition requires us to write the partitur also. well -_- but it's really still worth trying, although i'm not really expecting myself to win. but i have to try :)

and that's all (hopefully)
i'll be very busy and tired for sure. but that's worth it.
i have to be a super creative and succesful girl.
thanks God for all of your bless :)
just pray for me and leave supportive words on the comment box LOL :)
gotta catch all of my dreams up in the sky!

and right now i'm as bright and happy like this YIPPIE! time to reach my dreams!


p.s : two weeks from now i'll be 18! :) and today is special :)


angsa dan serigala at e-plex paris van java. taken from someone's mobile phone camera.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

musical imagination..

have you ever wondered why beethoven's most brilliant composition appeared years after he had been completely deaf?

there's something called musical imagination.

assume that you're someone with an extraordinary musical imagination. picture yourself sitting still at your living room in a warm afternoon. and suddenly a melody or an orchestra suddenly play inside your room. you're not listening to a tv or radio. but that melody suddenly appears in your mind. you're not exactly hearing it, but your imagining it.
as an extreme example, take beethoven. when he had been completely deaf, his auditory lobe of his brain was not divided anymore to hear sounds and to imagine sounds. that made his auditory lobe even more sensitive to this musical imagination.
and melodies, rhythms, accompaniment start to pop in his head.

really you don't have to hear things to make music. if you have great ability on musical imagination.

some might only imagine music playing inside his head. maybe from music sheet or music that they have heard.
some might imagine simple melodies and frames.
and some might have an orchestra playing (his own beyond consciousness) symphony or concerto.
some might feel that imaging music before concerts and stuffs (mental practice) feels almost the same as physical practice, and almost as beneficial as physical practice.

it's such a great gift that God gives to them.
that's also explain why people who don't read musical note and even understand it can make a great song. great melodies, patterns, and rhythms keep popping in their head.

for me?
well. maybe i only have a little of this ability.
i can imagine melodies in my head. but i have to think it before. it doesn't appear by itself.
maybe this ability will surely help you on creating songs and composing and arranging songs.
but.. i have to be grateful for the things that God have given to me.

and keep struggling to create new fresh songs that you'll like!


harus banyak tersenyum, bersyukur, dan beramal. nanti kebahagiannya datang :) amin!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

thank you :)

afifa ayu (student)

ammy ch. kurniawan (teacher)

i can't say how much that i love you mas ammy :)
thank you for bringing me into this lovely world of violin and music♥

*thank you for the lovely photographs, kak amel meilan :)

Monday, 8 June 2009

soo excited!

i'm enjoying myself right now. because i've just got a NEW LAPTOP! yiippie :)

meet her (geez, it has a gender -__-)

a pink lenovo s10. that i bought at telkomsel customer day yesterday at BSM after i had a wedding singer (again) job. well but don't assume that i use my salary to buy this laptop, mom and pa bought this laptop for me.

not that my toshiba before was not sufficient for me. actually the feature was sufficient (since i only use laptop for facebook, blogging, plurking, chatting, browsing, making silly stories, making assignments, making songs and arranging songs with sibellius, mixing songs sometimes and another simple activities..)
but the real problem is that..

the toshiba is too heavy for me.
but i'm not kidding.
yeah, if you know me you can see although i'm a bit fat (or i'm fat, actually) i'm really short and.. well. really WEAK. LOL.
and i think carrying that big toshiba would be a real torturation for me when i have to walk in ITB haha. i mean first year i would have big lectures combined with other major in place like GKU barat, GKU timur, tvst, moving all year round.

so i bought this netbook.
a pink one (i had to spend extra two hundred thousand rupiah, but for a PINK LAPTOP, i think it's quite worthy)
at first i was confused with the word 'netbook' well netbook is actually quite the same with notebook. but when notebook is identical with 12 inch size or bigger, netbook is identical with 12 inch size and smaller. and mine is 10 inch.
and netbook doesn't provide as sophisticated feature as notebook. its processor is still intel atom, not core duo. but i don't really need a high tech computer actually, as long as it works for the function i've mentioned before.

and how about the smile and chic vaio like papa's?
oh that's notebook. small notebook. small appearance. as light as netbook. but as sophisticated as notebook. but that means a price higher than ten million.
no thanks.

but i'm very happy with this laptop(yea yea, netbook) i love pink, besides the keyboard is really comfortable to be used.
but the thing that i like most is that..

the weight is only 1,25 kg.
thanks God!
thanks mom pa!


*any suggestion for my new laptop name? pinky? that seems too cheesy.. LOL.


i love her for the rest of my life.
God just give me the best. whatever will happen next, i hope that it will still be like my deepest prayer everyday :)

Saturday, 6 June 2009

strange fable♥

mr. crocodile and ms. littlebird.
by mr. tiggy and ms. piggly

once upon a time, in a far far away forest. mister crocodile and miss littlebird met by coincidence. miss littlebird helped mister crocodile when mister crocodile was caught by a hunter. miss. littlebird actually had fallen in love a long long before the situation happened. offered by mister crocodile one thing from him to do for miss littlebird.
happily miss littlebird said, "then, let me live with you mister crocodile. i want to be near you everyday"
pretending to agree, mister crocodile said with a huge smile showing his big and sharp teeth, "ok, i'll be with you."
but actually without miss littlebird's knowing mister crocodile was a very mean crocodile. and he only wanted to eat miss littlebird later on.
despite of miss littlebird's true love, for mister crocodile, miss littlebird was just his another prey.

days passed.
everyday miss littlebird always followed mister crocodile everywhere. mister crocodile always lost his desire and hunger because when he wanted to eat miss littlebird, miss littlebird always smiled to him.
miss littlebird always brought him some present everyday.
miss littlebird always told him funny stories.
miss littlebird was always at his side, stroking his skin gently with her little wing.

everytime miss littlebird smiled to him, eventually he smiled also.
everytime miss littlebird hugged him, eventually he hugged her also.
love had grown in a cold heart like mister crocodile's.
love had grown because of the sincerity of the miss littlebird's heart.

and finally mister crocodile said, " i love you for the rest of my life, my littlebird"

you see, love can grow.
love can change everything.
love is the ultimate power of all.
i am not afraid anymore. because i have love. love from God, parent, siblings, family, friends, bestfriends, and my best.

even from two very different creatures, love will grow, from sincerity and smile :)
being different in love is quite important, that's how we can complete each other :)


h-8 post hha.


as guest star at latihan konser 4 peniti at bumi sangkuriang on 4th of june 2oo9.
playing tiada from 4 peniti.

thank you mas ammy, mbak utet, mas ari, mas rudi, mas zaki.
thank you for letting me play there, i've learned a lot from you all

*thanks for the nice photograph mr. tiggy!

Thursday, 4 June 2009


i love to sing. and i love to play violin.
i love to do it both.
although it makes me rather maceuh. LOL!

*and btw, the boy playing the guitar is my younger brother. he's awesomee :)

3 years of everything :)

today i went to school.

for what?
1. to collect envelopes that'd be used to deliver my UAN's result (oh my God.why can't school provide us?i mean it's just envelope and 3ooorupiah stamp!)
2. to donate book for the library. it's compulsory to get a 'library free notice' to make your STTB issued. LOL.

and i wore uniform (although i didn't wear belt, and socks, and black proper shoes-instead i wore black crocs haha)

but do you know how i felt?
walking inside the school was entirely different than months before. wearing uniform inside school was different. greeting
i felt touched.

let's do some flash back.
10-5. 11 ipa 7. 12 ipa 9.
mk3. band3. english club 3->student english forum 3.

first grade. PLIST (sorry i only attended 1 days of PLIST) awkward new student. awkward extra big uniform. hardly kept up with the lesson. after school mk practice. band audition. broken ankle. unfair decision. decided to forget my love of my life, because he had been so cruel. got my first report card. had my first crush at high school. shocked. learned to live a new life. AFS test. spent more time debating and competing english than playing music. had a scandal here and there. really wanted to quit. almost found my true love but it ended badly. finally found other thing outside school. ran away. dengue fever. second report card (which was good!) moving to second grade, science class. went everywhere with ITB Student Orchestra during the summer break.

second grade. still awkward. got to know some new best friends with golden hearts. started to love someone named bear so much. started to be the klabklassik string duo. started to know the real music world, jobs, offers to play with widely known band as a string section, orchestras. audition for OSNI. got accepted at short AFS program to japan. resital dua gitar. heart melt than heart break. went to japan with heart as cold as winter. went home, desperately want to search a new love. ALSA UI, heart wrenching competition. ended up as quarter finalist, after being defeated by our own brother and sister. heart break. debate depressed. suddenly spent more time playing music than debating. accepted at twilite youth. new crush. another fight. strange crush. another fight and scandals. got A mark on my violin 5th grade examination (unbelievable) suddenly an angel came during the semester test. fourteen-o-six-o-eight. the refusal. my second rank. heart breaking events during holiday.

third grade. the hardest part of all. the first semester was all about depressed and refusal. tears and tears and tears. found it extremely hard to catch up with the study. joined primagama with my best friend. tears again and again. started to do tryouts, which was quite well. started to review things from first and second grade. being found by my dearest band angsa dan serigala. started to play violin more. more heart breaking issues. i'm all outta love. really lost my grip. third rank at class. things got better and better and settled down! (alhamdulilah) joined daniel. and daniel became my second home. second semester was better and more focused. i studied hard everyday. and i began to play with klabklassik string duo->klabklassik string trio frequently. i played with angsa dan serigala so much too. i got jobs and sang everywhere. i won 3rd prize of musikustix kompas song writing competition. life got better (alhamdulillah) daniel tryouts was satisfying. SIMAK UI. USM 1 ITB-> FKM UI, SITH ITB (ALHAMDULILLAH) and then national examination. bermuda triangle. school's examination. it was like crap. ujian praktek. it was also like crap :p last day of school, it was music. i played quite well. help rsbi selection and stuffs.

and here i am now.
waiting for august.
and... missing my school, my sman 3 bandung..

although sometimes i hate my school. i hate some of the way we get education there. i hate to see that this school is really occupied by brilliant people and i have to work like a lunatic to keep on with them. i hate to do some routine in my school. i hate to remember that i had some bad memories in some clique. i hate to remember that i had act strange to some cliques and lost contact with them. i hate to remember that sometimes i am a complete nerd.
although i felt dozens of bad memories.
my good memories were uncountable.

i love this school! i have learned to strive so much in this high school. without this high school i would never learn about hard work and also accepting destiny. i also have learned that there are so many types of people and there are different ways to deal with people. i also found some true friends here. i found great teachers and i actually i get a good education here. i found english debating through this school. this school is like a simulation of life for me, with many challenging troubles, types of people, and happiness.

for the conclusion.

3 years at SMA Negeri 3 Bandung is very remarkable for me. 3 years of everything :)
thank you my dear friends.
thank you my honourable teachers.thank you for teaching me those lesson of life.
i just hope that we all will remember this memory till the end of time. and we all could pass high school with satisfying result. and continue our study in good university and having a better life after this :)

i'll miss you and love you so much, my highschool memories!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

1oo : )

kak ashaf tagged me on facebook the questions were quite good :)

1. Last beverage = esprit passionfruit.
2. Last phone call = mom.
3. Last text message = tigger.
4. Last song you listened to = some burgmuller my sister played.
5. Last time you cried = this monday, after aNs briefing..
6. Dated someone twice = yup.
7. Been cheated on = dunno.
8. Kissed someone & regretted it = omg! hahaha.
9. Lost someone special = yes :(
10. Been depressed = used to.i
11. Been drunk and threw up = never been drunk -_-

12. light pink
13. white
14. maroon

15. Made a new friend = yes of course :)
16. Fallen out of love = hmm.
17. Laughed until you cried = yes :)
18. Met someone who changed you = hm, yes :)
19. Found out who your true friends were = maybe.
20. Found out someone was talking about you =yes.l
21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list = omg omg omg!! hahaha.
22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life = maybe 3/4 of them.
23. How many kids do you want to have = 2. twin!
24. Do you have any pets = fish.
25. Do you want to change your name = nooo!
26. What did you do for your last birthday = pray
27. What time did you wake up today = 7.30.
28. What were you doing at midnight last night = sleeping.
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for = tigger.
30. Last time you saw your Mother = last saturday.
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life? = no. i'm grateful for my life :)
32. What are you listening to right now = tv.
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom = nope.
34. What's getting on your nerves right now = new songs to be made. hufh. deadline -_-
35. Most visited webpage = facebook, goggle, plurk
36. Whats your real name = afifa ayu koesoema.
37. Nicknames = fifa.
38. Relationship Status = i don't know LOL.
39. Zodiac sign = cancer
40. Male or female? = female
41. Elementary? = SDN Banjarsari 2 Bandung
42. Middle School = SMPN 5 Bandung
43. High School/College = SMUN 3 BDG
44. Hair colour = black
45. Long or short = short
46. Height = 143 cm. hha. hobbits LOL.
47. Do you have a crush on someone? =of course. i'm so in love everyday. HOEK.
48: What do you like about yourself? = hm. everything :)
49. Piercings = nope.
50. Tattoos = nope. it hurts.
51. Righty or lefty = righty

52. First surgery = not yet. alhamdulilah.
53. First piercing = never had a piercing.
54. First best friend = nawangwulan nitisuari.
55. First sport you joined = swimming.
56. First vacation = dunno.
58. First pair of trainers = dunno haha.

59. Eating = nothing. i've eaten. remember?
60. Drinking = esprit passionfruit.
61. I'm about to = practice violin again. duh -_- torturing my sister with my etude book.
62. Listening to = tv.
63. Waiting for = tigger.

64. Want kids? = of course! twin!
65. Get Married?= of courseee :)
66. Career? = biology lecturer+musican and music teacher

67. Lips or eyes? = lips hahha.
68. Hugs or kisses? = XOXO. that means both :)
69. Shorter or taller? = taller, of course.
70. Older or Younger? = older is fine.haha.
71. Romantic or spontaneous ? = being romantic in a spontaneous way :)
72. Nice stomach or nice arms? = stomach,haha
73. Sensitive or loud ? = sensitive is better.
74. Hook-up or relationship? = RELATIONSHIP!!! of course!!
75. Trouble maker or hesitant? = hesitant.

76. Kissed a stranger? = nope.
77. Drank hard liquor? = nope. gimme one :D
78. Lost glasses/contacts? = lost glasses. one day before my departure to japan! LOL.l
79. Sex on first date? = omg. never ah.
80. Broken someone's heart? = maybe sometimes :(
81. Had your own heart broken? = yeah, so many times.
82. Been arrested? = no. for what?
83. Turned someone down? = yes.
84. Cried when someone died? = yes.
85. Lied to your bestfriend? = i think yes.

86. Yourself? = :)
87. Miracles? = YES OF COURSE. miracle will come to those who wait!
88. Love at first sight? = hm nope.
89. Heaven? = yes. insyaAllah :)
90. Santa Claus?= hahaha. nope
91. Kiss on the first date?= no.
92. Angels? = yes.

94. Had more than 1 girlfriend/boyfriend at a time? = just 1.
95. Did you sing today? = yes a bit.
96. Ever cheated on somebody? = no. i don't have the guts.
97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go? = june 2008
98. If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be? = 14 june 2008.
99. Are you afraid of falling in love? = not at all.
100. Posting this as 100 truths? = yes! :)

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


photography Pictures, Images and Photos

yes i certainly do!♥

how life is still too diverse for me.

color Pictures, Images and Photos

how life is still too diverse for me.

angsa dan serigala♥

i can't say how much i love you guys!♥

i'll fly away.

17 almost 18 years old.

yes i'm still young, very young.
frankly, i cannot say "yes" when i have to be commit 1oo% for something. even if i love that thing so much.

i even haven't STARTED university yet.
whatever happens, having (at least) bachelor degree. for me it's a must. music industry sometimes fluctuate. and i think that having back ups is very important. i love music very much, it's the thing that i love the most, actually.
i cannot let my parent down. they have given me good education and facilities. and they have paid so much for my university and i really think that i have to be exceptionally good at my study, like my sisters. i still have dream to be a biologist. taking master degree or maybe doctoral degree. i still want to take exchange program.

in the meantime, music is still have to be number two for me.
but i don't know what will happen 5 years or 7 years from now, maybe i will dedicated my life fully on music.
but for now, music is still a part time job for me .

besides, i still need to find my music.
i love violin, yes i really do. and i do love to sing also.
i love playing at my band as well, while playing at orchestras is also my passion. playing here and there with my klabklassik string trio is still something that i really love. playing as a soloist is still preferable. and playing as wedding entertainment is something that i've just started.
i love folk, i like classical music. i love pop songs. i kinda like rock sometimes.

for me music is still so DIVERSE.
and i think right now it is the time for me to open up myself for everything. it is the time for me to learn anything available. play everywhere. searching for friends and connections.
and my violin playing is still, well, not very distinctive. rather flat. still copying my senior's style.
i still haven't found my soul. i still have so many things to learn. i still have to finished my classical study. i still have to develop my skill. i still want to learn another genre, such as jazz, blues, etc.

the future is still too blurry for me.
the entire world is still too enermous for me.
the pathway of my life is still so long.

it's still the time for me to fly with my little wings everywhere. searching for the right future for me :)

and someday finally i'll stop flying.
someday when i finally reach my final destination.
someday when i finally reach my future!

". apapun posisi aku sekarang, kalau memang rezeki dan jodoh, pasti gak akan kemana, pasti aku akan tetap bersama kalian sampai akhir nanti."


but now i'll fly a bit.
searching for my future.
adventuring in this big world.
flying beneath the big and dainty sky in front of me.
reaching all of my dreams!

p.s. : i'm sorry for being self centered. thanks for your understanding, i really do love you all a lot. let's pray and work hard together for US!
thanks for being the PART of my life guys :)

Monday, 1 June 2009

i believe.that :

: success will come to those who wait. i will not hesitate to focus on one thing, right now it's my time to learn anything , try everything, and develop myself.

long way to go..

photography Pictures, Images and Photos

i hope that for now this is the best. i still have a very long way to go.
still so many options to be chosen.

more detail post will be posted tomorrow.


music is my boyfriend Pictures, Images and Photos

ow ow! my dearest FIRST boyfriend (hm, this line is dangerous. does that mean that i have second and third boyfriend? LOL)

and he's (hha) my boyfriend and surely would be my husband!

*strange post!


hell-o! :)

let me give you a light post about my wishes.

♥ graduating from microbiology ITB at 3,5/4 years with cum-laude result
♥ frequently attending microbiology conference in indonesia and overseas.
♥ taking summer school/other short exchange program abroad.
♥becoming a lecturer assistant.
♥ directly continue my study to take master degree on music abroad or biomedical engineering at itb/abroad.
♥ being active at ITB Student Orchestra, Student English Forum ITB, and APRES! ITB also AFS Bandung.

♥ finishing grade 8 of ABRSM violin examination by the time that i get my bachelor degree.
♥ my lovely band angsadanserigala to be a great indie band like 4peniti or cozy street corner (it doesn't have to be major label) has our own album+video clips, etc.
♥ having my own album consist of my own song(bumi, rindu, lullaby, and many more hha) i know this seems to be impossible but i will try.
♥ being a good violin teacher and having my own music school.
♥ being a good seriosa or pop singer.
♥ having my own classical violin recital.
♥ being a member of professional orchestra (such as twilite orchestra, NSO, etc.)
♥ being an inspirational violinist like mas ammy :)

♥ marrying (someday) my prince (will come) at 2015.
♥ being a good housewife who teaches biology at ITB, teaches violin at her own studio home, and performing here and there with her band, and professional orchestra, etc.
♥ living with (someday) my prince (will come) at kota baru parahyangan and having twin babies (girl and boy) :)


what a dream!


pancake.. kue wajan, once my best friend said.

well, i've just learned to make pancake. it tasted a little bit too salty but you won't realize it once it's mixed with maple syrup. well, i'll try to make a better recipe after this, but this recipe will work as well :)

ingredients :
1 egg
1/2 cup of flour
2 until 4 tbs of sugar

directions :
1. beat the egg
2. add flour and sugar and continue mixing it
3. add milk as needed until you achieve a nice consistency. The batter should be thick enough to make a thick pancake but liquid enough to pour,
4. melt butter on the frying pan
5. carefully pour the batter on the frying pan
6. cook it until it turns yellow-brown, flip it to the other side
7. your pancake is ready! put strawberries chunks, maple syrup, whip cream, honey or anything you like :)

*sorry for the strange words. i will look up into english cooking book to learn more :)

let's try it :)



holding hands, love Pictures, Images and Photos

i love holding hands, i mean with anyone. especially with my beloved.
it gives me power and a warm feeling, that you'll always beloved.
so hold my hands more!


*btw this pic reminds me of something :"> and the girl's dress is extra cute!
sorry for continuously posting in eien no ai label!