Saturday, 6 June 2009

strange fable♥

mr. crocodile and ms. littlebird.
by mr. tiggy and ms. piggly

once upon a time, in a far far away forest. mister crocodile and miss littlebird met by coincidence. miss littlebird helped mister crocodile when mister crocodile was caught by a hunter. miss. littlebird actually had fallen in love a long long before the situation happened. offered by mister crocodile one thing from him to do for miss littlebird.
happily miss littlebird said, "then, let me live with you mister crocodile. i want to be near you everyday"
pretending to agree, mister crocodile said with a huge smile showing his big and sharp teeth, "ok, i'll be with you."
but actually without miss littlebird's knowing mister crocodile was a very mean crocodile. and he only wanted to eat miss littlebird later on.
despite of miss littlebird's true love, for mister crocodile, miss littlebird was just his another prey.

days passed.
everyday miss littlebird always followed mister crocodile everywhere. mister crocodile always lost his desire and hunger because when he wanted to eat miss littlebird, miss littlebird always smiled to him.
miss littlebird always brought him some present everyday.
miss littlebird always told him funny stories.
miss littlebird was always at his side, stroking his skin gently with her little wing.

everytime miss littlebird smiled to him, eventually he smiled also.
everytime miss littlebird hugged him, eventually he hugged her also.
love had grown in a cold heart like mister crocodile's.
love had grown because of the sincerity of the miss littlebird's heart.

and finally mister crocodile said, " i love you for the rest of my life, my littlebird"

you see, love can grow.
love can change everything.
love is the ultimate power of all.
i am not afraid anymore. because i have love. love from God, parent, siblings, family, friends, bestfriends, and my best.

even from two very different creatures, love will grow, from sincerity and smile :)
being different in love is quite important, that's how we can complete each other :)


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