Saturday, 17 April 2010

violin and physics♥

hey hello all! :)

ok, now i want to tell you a story about two things. violin and physics.
well, i LOVE violin while i HATE physics. but this two things have a connection to each other.
ok, i used to only know their connections which are too conceptual. for example tension concept (for the strings), frequency concept (for the notes) and many other lame thing that i didn't like. LOL.

but recently my physics lecturer give a lecture about electromagnetic induction. as i have mentioned in my earlier post, i hate induction because it involves Right Hand Rule.

but then, my teacher came to the implementation of electromagnetic induction : GUITAR PICK UP (also work as well as violin pick up) and MICROPHONE. i was very astonished and happy.

i mean, i never know how my pick up works. my friends always ask to me how this pick up works, and i don't know, and also at that time i was too lazy to search it on google ^^"

and see how it works, in my opinion. please correct me if i'm wrong!

in violin the pick up is connected to the violin bridge. when we play a note, the strings will vibrate and the violin bridge will also vibrate.
here's a picture of a violin brige plus pick up..

now, let's imagine a coil and a magnetic bar, well here's the picture.

and violin string is analogous of the magnetic bar, violin string is made of a magnetic material. while the pick up part that is connected to the bridge is analogous to the coil.
when we play a note the string will vibrate. the vibration is like the movement of the magnetic bar into and out of the coil. the vibration will give a change into the magnetic flux (the number of magnetic line that pass through a surface perpendiculary). the magnetic flux change thus will make the coil (or the pick up part, in this case) to be inducted. it will make the pick up to be have an induction current.
this thing will make the sound of your violin, sound wave to be translated into electrical current. this change make it possible for the current to be delivered to the amplifier. and the amplifier will make your violin sounds louder :)

ok i don't what's going on inside my head. why i post thing like this in my blog? i mean.. physics! so eww~ but whatever, i just feel like writing it.

and talking about pickup.
my first pick up is a V 200 Fishman Pickup.

here's the case.

and here's how it looks.

my old v 200 fishman pickup (she (hahaha it has a gender LOL) has been working with me for 5 years)is now retiring. mm, not exactly now, but next week.
ok she has been quite troublesome lately. many soundmans said that the pick up made noises (due to lack of grounding). angsa dan serigala's soundman, kang gilar, also said that he has to keep the volume down because if the volume is up my violin will sound so 'cempreng' (oh my God, i don't know what's cempreng in english, anyone?)

so i order a new pick up, a LR Bagg (the same type of my teacher's) from USA.
and the pick up has just arrived! here take a look!

here's the case!

and take a look inside :)

since the installment of my LR Bagg requires several days (replacing the violin bridge plus adjusting it to my violin) so i haven't changed my pick up yet. i cannot 'hospitalized' my violin this weekend because i have 2 performances and 1 recording (sometimes weekend is just as busy and as hectic as weekdays, it just has a different pressure -__-)

well, so this weekend will be the last week of my V 200 Fishman, after all of her hard works :(

now suddenly i think i have the reason to write this post. i write it for my lovely V 200 Fishman, as a tribute to her. my expression of thank you for her incredible performance.and also my expression of gratitude for this entire 5 years.

bye bye my lovely V 200 Fishman Pickup! you can rest well now, i will always remember you as my first pick up, my first loyal companion to reach my goal of being a dazzling violinist! :)

Liebe, fifa♥

Thursday, 15 April 2010


you have been such a romantic vacation fling, and we spend a good time together. but that's all. you're only a prince, not a knight. sorry honey, my heart is not for you.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

a quick study updates ^^

wow hello! :)

i just feel like writing a quick update about my study ^^
okay, i've finished all of my first midterm. i got 51 (out of 54) in calculus. 55 (out of 100) in chemistry, 53 (out of 100) in physics, and 89 (out of 100) in biology.

i have two scores that actually a bit disappoint me, and make me feel really really inferior. but i know just being disappointed all the time will not increase my score.
i have to study more, be more focus, ignore the valedictorian's score, be postive, be grateful, and also pray to Allah.
that i would have a score that suits my sacrifice.
i mean if i study hard, God, please increase my score.
and if i am lazy, i don't mind to have bad scores, it's just the consequences.

and i'm still like usual, still in my old hobbies of writing my notes with colourful markers. still feel retarded in the class, and have to catch up at home real hard.
and still in my own way of being study oriented : class home class studio home class soundcheck class vocal course class violin course class stage class home.
(this is a bit strange form of study oriented, but whatever. this is my life anyway :3)

well gotta study harder for chem and physics. strangely i wanna proof that being a member of an indie band, and using blackberry as your phone will not make you flunk and your grade plummet, LOL. and also i wanna beat someone and some cliques in my class hahaha. ok i know that those are such a funny, immature, and ridiculous study motivation, but i don't care :D as long as i have a motivation and it will not harm anyone, i think that's pretty fine to me.

and now here comes the second midterm.

next week is calculus and i really hope that i can study calculus from this week.

because most of the subject will involve 3D orientation (vectors and parametric curve). and my brain is definitely not made for 3D :D for function with two or more variables and also matrices i'm doing quite okay. just.. pray for me.

two weeks from now is physics.

i'm doing quite with the equations of magnetic and induction but not with the RIGHT HAND RULE. ok, God give me a miracle please. i will study really hard!

and chemistry? also have to study real hard. i won't flunk this time, i hope.

so gotta study hard, real hard.


ok, maybe that's all for my quick update, i gotta go for my chemistry last experiment! (yippie) see you later!


Saturday, 10 April 2010

download 'em!

i'm dreaming of having an EP of my own, someday.

i love to make songs.

right now i have 4 songs that have been recorded, feel free to download it and listen to it and give a comments and constructive critics about my songs.

just go here.
and you'll find 4 songs of mine.
anak negri

and i'm creating new songs also right now, to enrich my song's library. pray for me! :)
later on i'll get myspace for my own song also. pray for me.

Liebe, fifa♥
(currently studying:electromagnetic induction, geez -___-)


my father has just bought me cupcakes from jakarta. maybe you have heard of this cupcakes store by chocalot in cilandak town square or plaza indonesia.

the cupcakes are undeniably EXTRA CUTE. EXTRA SWEET and GIRLY and it has such a strong fragrant. just eat it, and you will feel like flying over the rainbow in a fairy land's sky :3
the cupcakes are just too beautiful. just take a look to their websiteand you'll see what a beautiful cupcakes that they have.

oh well, talking about cupcakes. i love to bake cupcakes also.

my cupcakes is not that beautiful. but i think it tastes more simple and home made-ish. and just before i leave my laptop and do some violin practices and do my physics homework (oh God) maybe i should share my simple cupcake recipe!

this recipe is for my favorite homemade cupcake :)

the ingredients :

100 gr of blueband (or any margarine that you like)
100 gr of caster sugar (my mom told me that we don't have to buy caster sugar, which is more costly, we can simply make caster sugar by putting sugar into food processor)
75 gr of self raising flour
25 gr of cacao (van houten is the best, believe me!)
2 eggs

just put all of the ingredients together in a bowl, mix it well with electric mixer. pour it into baking pan specialized for cupcakes. bake it with 180 degree celcius for about 15-30 minutes (you'd better check frequently to your oven)

you can also decorate it, my favorite decoration is emoticon cupcake :D LOL.

**if you want to make plain cupcakes instead of chocolate, you can just switch 75 gr of self raising flour and 25 gr of cacao with 100 gr of self raising floor plus a pinch of vanilla powder.

well happy cooking!
and i guess tomorrow i'll bake cupcakes!

Liebe, fifa♥

Friday, 9 April 2010

self determination.

hello all, finally weekend :) i can post something more rather than just a quick update or photographs.

currently i'm facing a problem of again, inferiority syndrome. this one is quite acute, i've suffered from many kind of inferiority syndrome. and currently i'm trying very very hard to overcome this.

now i will do some review about my heart's condition lately.

ok, i was born in a successful family (and i really didn't mean to exaggerating or being arrogant) well, maybe not that 'successful' but extraordinary.

my father is a businessman that had begun his office since he was still in the university. my mother is a medical doctor that became a biomedical engineering lecturer, she's a super mother. my eldest sister received a scholarship for doctoral degree, she's flawless at academic. my other sister is a successful comic artist and also a good cellist. and my brother entered idola cilik, and yet a very brainy boy that plays guitar, piano, violin, sing as well as making song very well.

one of my best friend has ever asked, "do you ever feel under pressure?"
i just smiled that time.

but i really am. i am really depressed and also feel really really under pressure.

i really thank God for all of the things that He has gave to me.
i mean i'm still alive until now, my family is not poor at all. i'm thankful that my parent gave me an excellent education, from all of those favorite schools and now this university, ITB, until many of my extra lectures : english at TBI (until advanced level), violin, piano, guitar, and vocal. i am also very thankful that i have driver to pick and drop me off everywhere.

i'm also very thankful that my family is supportive to my hobby, and they bought me all of the equipment : violin, pick up, wireless, books, international examinations, and stuffs.

i also have a great band named Angsa dan Serigala, a good wedding trio named klabklassik string trio, i can sing a bit and produce money, and also i can compose several songs. i'm thankful God.
i'm very thankful.

but well.

i'm trapped in stagnancy. HELP!

when i didn't achieve much and being stagnant all the time, i'm feeling really really down.
i really feel that i'm wasting all of my resources.
and i'm drowning even and even more.

when my surroundings is sparkling and shining, i just can't help feeling hurt and jealous (not forget to mention, my best friends are also successful and extraordinary. they're just too good to be true)

i also want to be a star, a super achiever like them.

and also some other things bothered me, i don't know if i'm a good social person or not. i don't really like to spend too much time at campus and doing organization stuffs. i'd rather be at home doing something or practicing something or STUDYING something. to prevent my GPA from falling freely.
i think that organization's experience doesn't always have to be obtained from campus.

i mean, i'm doing some organization also out there. i learn to make events in klabklassik, i also learn to deal with older people, mature people for business purpose. For example i have to deal and do some agreement with client as klabklassik string trio, offering wedding entertainment
so is this wrong? do i have to be like most of the people? does my difference is a big fault?

i don't know.
i don't know whether my behavior is healthy or not.

i have too many questions in my head right now.


ok that's all for the sad and pathetic and annoying part.

i'm just.. doing some review of my heart's condition lately, right? i know i'm being very very emo. please forgive me. i just need to write this down.

but well? what can i do?
if i stop here and feel pathetic all the time, than i will be more and more and more pathetic than this.

and now i'm trying to do my baby steps toward my dream star. to do everything as best that i can. to be thankful in every God's decision for me.

to study more, to maintain my score, to practice violin. not to waste more time and resources. to smile more. to laugh more. to be thankful. to be meaningful. to be something. to be a star. to be beneficial for other people. to be strong. to be patient. not to be panic and full of anger. to be a good friend. to be a good daughter. to be a good sibling. to strive hard. to reach my goal. to shine like my dream star. to be successful.

this gonna take a long way. and a long and hard and bumpy struggle.
but someday i'll shine. someday i'll shine. someday i'll shine.

please kindly leave your comments. i really need a supportive comments and critics.
i want to be a better and succesful girl.


another good photograph!
another good point of being a musician is to stand there on stage and suddenly several days from the show, someone will upload your photograph. a photograph with a good photography technique and good camera.


thanks a lot ahmad hilal, for your photograph!

Monday, 5 April 2010


cool photograph by anata thyara pradini

thank you so much! :3


well well, another post! a quick update post, i'll not post something too philosophical or brainy here LOL. i guess i'll post in on the weekend :3

since my last post my life has changed a bit. it still do looks similar but i know now it's a bit different :3
and right know i really need a little break, so i will write in this blog.

OK, ONE, now i'm the additional keyboardist of a japan power pop band named Voice of June (okay this sounds a bit crazy and so-not-me)the girls there are super cute, super white, super thin, and also a marvelous dancers. but i think i'll have my own style haha ( i spent too much time with a baroque pop-folk rock band though, you can't blame me to have a 'serious' looking LOL.

ok let's compare this :

and this :

haha, maybe i'm in a wrong place xp

TWO, i lost my handphone and my uncle bought me an onyx blackberry. this is like a dream, really. my uncle said it was for my GPA last semester. hope that i can maintain it.

THREE, kak angkuy is not in angsa dan serigala anymore :( he has to be focus on bottlesmoker, since they gonna have a tour to Philipphine and of course much much more great and large project. kak ashaf also has quit, he has a new job as a translator, good for him. kak yulius (he is the bottlesmoker's manager) has replaced him. and now kak aji plays guitar and also, glockenspiel. and we have a new guitarist, kak baruna.
wow, a lot of things have happened in my band. but we're still moving on rapidly, and currently searching for a recording label.

FOUR my best friend HILDA MARDIANA has gone to japan. we (me, hilda, irly, helen, uti, and febe) held the farewell party at my home. we cooked sukiyaki and stuffs. for the farewell we made a CD consist of 5 songs for hilda, and also a scrap book. and i miss her so, nice to know that she's having a good time there.

our party :3

wow, our sukiyaki!

but fyi, i fell in her farewell party. i really fell. i got sprain, bruises, etc. for 2 weeks i couldn't walk properly, and i wore elastic bandage for my sprain legs. it really hurts me, a lot :p but now i'm a bit better. but still, i cannot do the running test today. it's still hard for me to maintain balance in my little feet :3

FIVE i have to say goodbye to his royal highness Arthur. you're just not suitable for me :) go live your sociable life, i'll not interfere you :)

SIXTH i read perahu kertas by dee. and it gives me a HOPE. for a true love <3

SEVENTH my violin teacher offers me to play with him (with d'cinnamon) and also offers me to teach violin. that's quite good, i mean with teaching i have to ensure that i have enough skill to be delivered to my future pupil, thus i HA to practice hard.

EIGHT i cut my hair. i want to look like amelie poulain. my mom said i look younger, and my friends opinions vary. from cute, sweet, fairy-ish until kobo chan-ish (ok, is kobo chan a girl or a boy?i'm not pretty sure~)


and me!

NINTH i'll learn to be more grateful for what i've earned :)and i'll study harder than before, i'll practice violin harder than before, i'll work harder than before, and also i'll learn to be more positive :)thank you helen, irly, uti, and the other for your support! :3

and TENTH a lot of ups and downs. but you'll still there. thank you dear KEE! <3

and i gotta go now. kreutzer and bach has already called me :3

love, fifa♥