Monday, 16 August 2010

hello all :D

Wow, i haven't updated my blog for such a loong time :) i'm trying to be more productive right now :) a loads of writing will enhance your english.
(lately i'm feeling like my english is rather dull)

and well how are you? i'm feeling quite fine nowadays! :D let me give you updates!

finally i'm a real university student right now! majoring Microbiology :) i'm quite happy with this major, i like microbiology so much. Microbes is so unique, although they are very very small their role is so big in our everyday life. And every life process is connected with microbes. I really think that this major is suitable for me, besides it pursue my interest. It is also a branch of knowledge that's emerging and evolving very fast right now!
and well, since my GPA (and everyone's GPA in Microbiology) fulfills the requirements for fast-track program, i'm quite sure that i will apply for this fasttrack program. 5 years to take our bachelor and master degree. i hope that i can cope with everything, but i guess it will be allright. You just need extra hard work! besides, getting bachelor+master in a short time will let me take another master degree on music, somewhere else abroad, maybe?
well just pray for me!

awawa congratulations for my lovely band, angsa dan serigala!

we play at TVRI! what a wonderful picture :)

and our song 'Bersamaku' won Indonesian Cutting Edge Music Award as one of the Best Newcomer (there were 8 other bands who win this category)

kak aji and kak mega holding the trophy

It was quite surprising, i mean, on the last week of the voting our position was not that good and stuffs (but in fact, it wasn't depend only on the voting, they have juries and stuffs to choose the winners)
We are all very grateful for this, something that we.. really didn't expect to happen. Thanks God :)
After that we had one page full review of us in Media Indonesia.

hmhm, on Media Indonesia :)

one of our performance on ABSTRAK V was being reviewed on Belia PR :)

and we've just had an interview plus photo session with Pikiran Rakyat. again, thanks dear God :)

what are we trying to do now is like regenerating the band.
creating new arrangement of songs, new concepts, new compositions, and even choreography! we're also still working on our recording for our EP and
it's a long way for us to have an EP for our own, the biggest thing that hinders us is the budget. but we will strive for it! having an EP is like having an identity for a band. it doesn't mean that if you already have EP or album, it will guaranteed your band's successfulness. But at least, having EP or album is like having a very good tools to spread your music to the media, to the people all around Indonesia. People can access it easily from everywhere, our music can be publicated more easily with the presence of EP or album.
having EP or album also means video clip, which means more and more publication :)
well just pray for us! not forget to mention, with new goals to be achieved i'm trying to contribute more and more to this band :) they are just like second family for me! :)
and full loyalty will surely lead to a better band!

i'm getting along quite well. now i can blend with them, not only from the things that they talk about, but also to their daily outfits and life style.

quite girlband-ish right? (the picture was taken on a radio interview)

and cheers :D

see? you cannot see that i'm still a member of a serious folk rock band right?

btw, the picture was taken on 'Top 15 Live Audition of L.A. Lights Indiefest' :) we played our song 'Bertepuk Sebelah Tangan' :) our performance was quite great. but unluckily we didn't pass to the next stage, but i think that's quite great to be Top 15 from Bandung.
this achievement lead us to new projects to establish ourself, and again please just pray for us :)

improvement needed.
i'm trying to focus on myself, to develop myself. let's not think about other shining stars out there.
right now i'm learning musical modes, twelve keys, pentatonic, diminished keys, major keys, minor keys, augmented keys-well, PROPER IMPROVISATION. and also music theory, and etudes and all those quite sickening stuffs.
pray for me.
others can be flashy, but i have my own style of playing violin. i just need to develop it :)

lately i've been playing orchestra again, with ITB Student Orchestra. i'm very happy :) hope they will let me play with them more.

one project was playing at the artepolis.

one project was playing for ITB International Choir Competition's Opening. i accidentally sat on a golden chair :)

during the holiday, i help my friends band, one as a violinist one as a... cellist..

helping baby eat crackers :)

and helping pink pony club :)

after a quite long absence, i'm back in business. things were really hectic back there but now let's contribute fully to my wonderful klabklassik. trying to write articles for the blog, trying to help for the Classical Guitar Fiesta 2010 publication, trying to do some composition for the Klab, and trying to finish the Klabklassik's Academy final task.

well i love cooking, and i've just had my first experience for selling my own food. it was cupcake, macaroni schotel and lemonade (on my bigger sister comic launching Satu Atap)

tid bid :)

i really want to be able to cook many recipes! from cake, dessert, indonesian food, japanese food, western food, etc.
and i really like if my own cooking is being liked my many other person. i really feel the enjoyment. i want to open a business in culinary (people always need foods, anyway) and i also want to be a cupcake artist!

harmony? i guess that's what i really want to achieve right now. as you have known, i am still a bit anti social, but i really want to change, change a bit. i don't want to be a super sociable girl, that spend most of her time in organization etc.etc. i really can't (because i have loads of other responsibilities out there)
and if i'm changing to be a super sociable girl then i will change myself. i still want to be myself.

and back to harmony, i cannot be extremely anti social. right now i'm trying to participate a bit there, not much, but still having some existence. my major is still music and organizations out there, this kind of inner campus organization will be like a 'minor' for me. but let's just try to participate, following meetings, filling out open reqruiment form, and finishing the matriculation program for PPN. i'm not aiming for a big goal (like being kadiv or something else, something special, something great and reflecting great ability of leadership blah blah).

besides, everyone have different kind of contribution to 'that' organization, depending to our own ability. i can play music, so i don't bother to play in any of their events or do something related to it.

and i guess you all can see that i'm trying hard to contribute and participate. i'm just not a very sociable person, but i try to follow it although it's sometimes killing me.
how wonderful it will be if i can still help without reducing the values inside myself, and we'll be living in harmony, appreciating each other.

i'm also planning to take an italian language course, i really want to find some short course or summer school about music in italy. and it will help a lot if you can speak and understand italian a bit :p

and i'm trying to write more, to practice my english and critical thinking.

and nooo more inferiority syndrome, let's love myself!

and this post is getting a bit too long, i guess i should stop.
talk to you later :)

with love, afifa ayu♥