Friday, 26 June 2009

recording lalala♫

fifa. kak poppy. kak ardit.shining and sparkling enermous pearl drum.

we were at master plan studio, owned by uki peter pan. the drum was really amazing -said kak poppy- and really noisy -said me-

we recorded one of our song. the studio is just so good :)

it was my first time to do recording there. the sounding was so good. they put me inside cubicle to reduce high and reverb (this is exactly what i need, violin is really troublesome with HIGH. if you don't ask the sound man to 'cut' your high and increase your middle, it will make you hear loud and terrible high pitched noises) and they also used sensitive microphones in front of me and above me, while still pluging my pick up into a direct box.

hope the result will be satisfying! and hope that people will love it :)

always ♥ you all so much, angsadanserigala!


mcdoans said...

weew seru!

afifaayu said...

hehe. udah pernah dengar belom di radio?