Thursday, 25 June 2009

finally, prom nine

ok, finally. some post about prom nine of sman 3 bandung class of 2oo9 :)
for the short summary : it was quite enjoyable and -well- have to admit that my dress is so good LOL.

tuesday,23rd of june 2oo9

ok, the day started with usual routine. and i remembered that i have to go to school to get my Dana Titipan Pendidikan and also picked up rudini, and also bought my bag ( i hadn't got one )
so i went to school and finished up the DTP thingy. i didn't even know that my mom's stored this money at school 3 years ago, but whatever! :p after that i waited for rudini triyadi -my escort tonight- at kantin sehat sman 3 bandung.
i sat with silat and nyonyo, we discussed about our itb re-registration stuffs. and finally rudini came, and we went to pvj.
we went directly to the place that my sister had suggested (beside carrefour escalator) and gotcha. i found her (EHM, her) a nice and pretty blue-silver bag. it was 108000 IDR, and i used my own money. but the bag was really good, so i didn't regret my choice :p
and after buying korea's ice cream and pretzel dog we went home.

and i waited for air crash investigation after lunch, but it didn't show up. so i slept. i was really tired and sleepy. and i woke up at about 3pm and had to go directly to the salon.

i went to lenny fora salon, quite near from my house.
this is me and my sister's regular salon for big events, such as : this prom night. i went there when i had to sing with traditional costume when i was still at bina vokalia pranadjaja (LOL), i went there for my elementary school graduation, i went there for my junior high graduation, i also went there for my performance with the titans back there =)
first they washed my hair.
and before they did something to my hair, i gave them a picture of cinderella (an original disney picture) and gave them my tiara.
and the hair stylist thought that i was a junior high student (LOL)
and they did a lot of thing with my hair. the result was amazing, despite of my limited short hair.
and they did the make up. i really hate the part when they use icecube before they put foundation on my face. and i hate when they sticked false eyelashes on my eyes. i hate when they put mascara.

but the result is quite incredible :)

oh, scary. those gigantic eyes and fake eye lashes LOL :D

at home, i put all of the costume and accessories. gown, gloves, choker, and heels.
after that, i did some photo shoot with rudini. my sister really wanted to do photo manipulations for me, rudini, and both. i posed as a cinderella, and rudini as... hmm, korean prince? LOL.


and after that, i tried my best to put everything inside my bag. handphone, two wallets, tissue, camera, eye glasses case, battery, and everything.
but i ended up not bringing my gigantic wallet and leaving some money, my ID, and my credit card on my bag.

finally we arrived at grand aquilla. ok my prom.
i filled up the guest book and got some pop corn. and i looked around. there were pami (she was gorgeous with her black and red dress plus extra high heels) and peni (very cute with her witch dress and small hat)
finally we went upstairs to the ballroom. i walked with rudini and we posed in front of the red carpet (yeah just like movie stars)

and we went inside to sit. the ballroom wasn't very occupied and we picked a place to sit. first we sat with gita and upi.
then we sat with bunch of 3ipa8 girls(silat, seli,manda, nyonyo, tania,nenden, etc.) and ichil and wita.

great banquet :)

people kept coming. their dress and tux and costume were incredible :)
let's write their costumes (according to my memory)

almira wore a cleopatra costume. cool.
apri wore a gatotkaca costume. cool.
silat, ipong and many others were dressing up with korean costume.

hey, the girls :)

ael and okky came together. ael wore a black gown and okky wore a romanian soldier costume. oh gosh, perfect.
febia wore a snow white costume. yeay, disney!
aqis wore a little red riding hood plus her fruit basket. another disney.

two disney princess :)

asmi was a willy wonka. cool.
nyonyo wore a french maid costume. pretty.
and so many more amazing gowns and costumes and tuxedos.

marsha's gown is so pretty and elegant :)

anty and silat were also beautiful :)

and the party began.
but well, since i am still a quiet cinderella. i just sat there, talking, and taking some photos and try to enjoy the thing. finally we ate while watching 2009's video, it was quite good and i was starving too. i ate some rice, some chicken, lasagna, and soup.

and the 2009 performances began.
there were bands, tiloe's theater, and so on. and bands and bands and bands. LOL.

i sat still but my heart was enjoying the party :) watching all of my friends, some were sitting still, some were dancing crazily on the dance floor, some were eating again, some were chatting happily.
i smiled and try to capture all of the scene on my mind. as my sweetest high school memory :)

tick tock. the clock was ticking. it was almost 11.30 pm. and i felt really sleepy and tired.
and to really played my part as a cinderella. i really have to go home before 00am.
first, i didn't want to transform to the real cinderella, with poor clothes.
second, my car would transform into a pumpkin. then how would i go home? my home was near, but i didn't want to walk. i'd rather check myself in to get some room at grand aquila LOL.
third, i didn't want to lose one of my mom's high heels. she'd extremely furious.
fourth, tomorrow would be a tiring day. recording and stuffs.
fifth, i was really tired. finally i thanked God that Angsa dan Serigala didn't have to play at prom. if they played, i have to stay until the end of the prom, because our performance would be at the end (or near the end) of the prom. that'd be around 1am or 2am. i hate midnight performance :p

oh and i finally went home.

i was super tired.

and when i came home, it was 15 minutes before 00 am. great, i made it just in time! :)
i cleaned up my face. and slept still with my unnormal hair. LOL.


ok. now high school has ended. but the memory will never fade. but still now... it's time to :


yihaa! ^^ School of Life Sciences and Technology!