Tuesday, 25 May 2010

new hobby ^^

hello all :)
finally right now i'm having half holiday. no more classes and exams but i still have to follow Program Perkenalan Nymphaea + doing my usual routine with klabklassik string trio, angsa dan serigala, and stuffs.
so let's just call it "HALF HOLIDAY"

ok, right now i have a new hobby. it is productive.
but actually it is not really new, this is my holiday hobby.. COOKING :)

let's take a look into few pictures of my cooking lately (beside my cake last week)

cream of chicken soup :3

buttered steak with fried rice :3

italian steak with egg frittata and rucola salad

well, i just hope that with all of my cooking practice i will be a good wife and mom later on :) amen!

gotta go now, i'm having a performance on Hari Keluarga TPB ITB 2009 with my friends and after that, PPN.

please with me luck!! :)

Friday, 21 May 2010


this is a cake, and this cake is rather special♥

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

colorful life :)

well hello all! :)

recently something very big has happened to my life. and all of sudden, my life has changed within few days. really change. i really think that i don't have to mention what's changing if you are my best friend then you will know what's really CHANGING.

and now i'm quite happy. thank you ya Allah :)
i'm gonna walk carefully now while still having loads of curiosity about "this"

i just hope that this time everything will be incredible and it the fun will last :)
and now. let's have fun miaw miaw!!
let's paint it in a very colorful way!


and and ok a bit update.

i got AB and AB for chemistry and physics. i'm really grateful. i mean, i really flunk physics and i got a bad chemistry score for the first mid test. but it ends up with total score 71, and 72 is A. i really hope that miracle will happen and my chemistry score will be an A :P

my band's

angsa dan serigala
is playing today and tomorrow. today is at blitz megaplex for a charity event at 9 pm. tomorrow is SMAN 5 Firetory Expo, and the L.O will be my old plurk friends :)
please kindly drop by and say hello hahaha :D

and my other band, voice of june will play in jatinangor this sunday. oh, i never been to jatinangor before. i hope it'll be fun :p

i'm gonna have Program Perkenalan Nymphaea next week. pray for me.

i'm gonna bake cake today. ahem.

and i'm quite happy and feeling lovely. hahaha. thanks to everyone :)

gotta go now, i'll give more update later on! cheers!

Liebe, Afifa Ayu♥

Monday, 10 May 2010

Indonesian Cutting Edge Music Award 2010 =)

ok, a little update.
i'm doing my final exams right now. pray for me. and also so many final project! calculus, physics, and SAS and still have to fix my running test score :P

so i don't have much time.

btw, my band angsa dan serigala is one of the nomination of INDONESIAN CUTTING EDGE MUSIC AWARD 2010 in the category of THE BEST NEWCOMER! =)

so, i really appreciate if you vote for my band.
here's the step :

1. go here , the official website of ICEMA 2010. the best new comer tab.

3.choose 'vote for best new comer'

4.choose ' ANGSA DAN SERIGALA - bersamaku ' don't forget to fill the form and then check your email and verify your vote! :)

thank you very much all :) your vote will really really help us! :)

and for upcoming show, tomorrow, tuesday 10th of May we will have a show at UNPAR Bandung in International Relation Expo-Youthphoria at 5 pm (right after my Sistem Alam Semesta final test, gotta get out of the class fast LOL)

for more information, just go here

and gotta go now! still have 7 Chapters for Sistem Alam Semesta :)

Love, Fifa♥

Saturday, 1 May 2010

you'll be surprised to read this.

hello all, finally i cannot let this thing buried inside my head. i have a story for you all. and please read it carefully :)

i'm trying out a very main stream thing right now.. which is OSJUR. hahaa. yesterday the seniors interviewed us, they also ask me for my Curriculum Vitae and they also give us some personality test.
and yesterday they ask me, "what do you think about an anti social person?"

hahaha, i guess they're asking this question into the wrong person. since i know, some people labels me as an antisocial. but whatever, i really have to ignore their thoughts.
do they pay for your tuition? NO.
do they care for you when you are down? NO.
do they know you exactly? NO.
have i ever tried to interfere them? NO.

so why should i care?

i'm very sorry , but i think that people that label a person as an anti social has a shallow mind. you can't expect anyone to be like you, God make everyone to be different, and if someone's different from you, why should you take a really big deal of it?

if you think that i am an antisocial, ok that's ok. you can say that i am arrogant etc. but i really have to say that i have another responsibilities out there and priority list. if i can come into a gathering then i will come. but my responsibilities have been built 2 years before i enter ITB, if my responsibilty clash with gathering etc. then i will have to choose my responsibility.

you can say, that i only have an indie band. but no matter how small is my band, i want to be give my dedication fully. maybe we are only an indie band but we're serious. we have vision and mission. if you say being an indie band member is not a big deal, it is a big deal for me. no matter how small the scope is, if you're serious then someday better things will come to you, insya Allah.

and it's tiring too of course. maybe you think that practicing 2 hours in studio is not a big deal. but it's sometimes tiring, especially when after that you still have to study until 10 pm at home. and wake up again at 4 am to study more. and checksound? it takes my time too, i bring books to be read while waiting because you will not know how long it will take. and recording? one shift equals 6 hours, and your time to take your playing will only be about 1 hours, the rest of the time? i usually bring books, again to read. and the performance? when you come on stage you have to smile, you have to play whole heartedly, you have to smile, you have to be cheery. when you have big troubles or your body is sick you still have to play like that. there's no excuse, in stage you have to look incredibly nice for the audiences. because sometimes they pay to see you, they have give their time to see you. and the only way to appreciate it is to give the best service for them.

and my other business as a wedding musician. i really love it. and although it's still a small one it's evolving. i have to practice and play as best as i can. you will not be happy if the musician's in your wedding is playing sucks. you will also be unhappy if you attend a wedding with a bad singer.

and also my own study. MY PARENT HAS GIVEN ME ALL THE BEST. good schools, paying for my expensive school and university tuition. they gave me english course that costs 400000IDR a month for my future. they paid my USM and all of those stuffs before i enter ITB, like entering Bimbingan Belajar Daniel. they have bought me all the original book. they also let me photocopied all of those heavy book per chapter so i can bring only the chapter that i need for one day because they don't want me to carry those heavy things with my small body. they have gave me music course to stabilize my right and left brain.

they provide me driver to go to school and a car, later on if i can drive properly. if i ask money from them, they will give it without asking, sometimes more then what i need. hopefully now, for everyday's life like lunch in campus, buying stationary, buying my unimportant things (like dress, jewelry, felt markers, and fancies)i already can afford it myself. i know how hard is it to work, to get money. so i try to manage my own money as good as i can. i'm saving it in my bank, i bring snacks to campus so i don't have to buy unimportant meals (which is sometimes doesn't contain good nutrition too)
i think that there's NO NO NO EXCUSE FOR ME TO HAVE A BAD GPA.

the only thing that you can do for your parent is to make them proud. they contribution to you is ultimate. you should think about your parent first, before you think about some social group.

and i try to help mom at home. i try to go home early so that i can help her doing something. nowadays, it's rather hard for me. since i have my indie band, another band, and my job. so whenever i have a free time, well family must come first.

for me it's not the time to playing around, i have to stick to my plan. to be focus. i'm living in a pressure cooker, but i don't care.

hm, that's for my case.

the point is, a person has reason for them to be rather inactive in one social group. maybe they have a different burden than you. for my case, my burden is from the beginning all of my own choices.
but what if they have no choices?

maybe they have to earn their own money for they school tuition? we don't know about that.
maybe their parent is super strict and demanding them for a good GPA, to get a scholarship, to ? we don't know about that.
maybe they have to take care of their smaller siblings? we don't know about that.
maybe their mother is sick and they have to be at their mother's side? we don't know about that.
or maybe they just have another passion like me?

so please please please.
why you all have to be like "OK LET'S ELIMINATE THE ANTISOCIALS!"

we the antisocials (on your perspective)never want to eliminate you.
please please please just live in harmony.

if we're not disturbing you then why you have to disturb me?
personally you see, if i can come to one gathering then i'll come, i'll help.

please respect each other, we're just the same. we're just a human.

writing down in the behalf of the "so called-antisocials"

Afifa Ayu


uh well, hello all. sorry i didn't post anything for weeks. i just had my physics test yesterday.

finally i have came into the last 3 weeks of Tahap Persiapan Bersama (ITB's first year) and those weeks will not be easy, at all :p
i need to be focus in my study alsoo in my other responsibility (here you see me stealing time at 6am in the morning before studying and later on attending my band's practice for tomorrow's performance at 9am -___-)

btw, for the performance..

don't forget to come to FISIP FAIR UNPAD tomorrow at Sasana Budaya Ganesha, my band gonna play in the indoor stage at 3pm. afterwards there will be a lot of really GREAT band, for example Mocca, Kahitna, Rocketrockers, THE SIGIT, etc.
on the spot ticket IDR60.000


ok then, i'm gonna have gazzilions of exam (exaggerating) and projects for the end of this semester.
chemistry, final exam of : Sistem Alam Semesta, biology, calculus, sports, and english (for me my presentation test) i also have Research Based Learning for physics, calculus project, SAS project, and also i haven't finished my sports test (but i'll try to finish it from next week, my leg is hopefully getting better and i get a new medication that seems to improved it)

right now that's the most important thing that keep buzzing in my head :p i need a good GPA, i think it will not be as good as my last GPA, because i know, to have an A or AB or B in sports is rather impossible. but i still don't know yet, i have to pray, keep my finger crossed and strive HARD, God, please make my GPA good and let me enter microbiology, amen! :)

i'm also dreaming to see my name in the dean list of School of Life Sciences and Technology. ahhaha. just pray for me :3 i want to make my mom and dad proud of me :) if my GPA this semester is the same with the last semester, maybe i'd enter the deanlist :D

and i really want to search for a summer school in holland, like my sister does. but right now please just be focus to final exam and entering microbiology and also sneaking into deanlist hahaha :DD *you can't blame me for dreaming, right?