Thursday, 28 January 2010

sporty girls!

well well well.
yesterday was our (me, hilda, helen, and irly) sporty day :D

LOL. and today my body is really really killing me.

due to our PE running test that will be held 4 weeks from now, we decided to do some practice.
and ok, we came at about 7am and it was already hot like hell.
we met so many SITH guys.

and we ran.

so the test will be 6 laps of sasana olahraga ganesha's soccer field. and the field was huge, really really huge.
finally we ran. me and irly almost completed 6 lap for 22 minutes (or maybe much more) hilda almost fainted. and helen took rest.

oh and it helps to run while listening to mp3.
especially dua hati menjadi satu by gita gutawa and dafi.
though it made my heart ache but the rythm suits my running speed.
and it reminds me of 'my sweetest happily ever-after teenlit' scene.
but that scene will still occur, though. so don't be sad! nothing will change, right?

and now my leg and my whole body still hurts.

not only the science subject, sport in ITB is also disastrous.
and i doubt that i'd get a high score (like A or AB, well just keep dreaming)

but if i keep practicing i'm sure that :
A. i'd get at least BC in my sport. i'd pass. and i HAVE to pass anyway!
B. i'll get thin.
C. my breathing will be better.

and my resolution this semester is to be healthier right?
body and mind.

gotta go practicing my meditation from thais, music camp is coming!


*it's a pity that i did not remember to take picture of 4 of us running :p later on i'll bring camera ^^


ok, i'm not afraid. go on and say bad things about me. let's just see what will happen next.

Monday, 25 January 2010

first daay!

well, first day back to itb :)

today i have free time from 10am until 4pm, so i go back home.
fortunately, itb didn't change my classmates. so i'll still stick together with my bests.
but they have changed the lecturer. i got new physics and chem lecturer, and i thought that they teach better and clearer. i gotta study hard to maintain my scores :)

now 2.42 pm, almost the time for P.E. and i'm really not in the mood to do P.E.
after P.E i'll have angsa dan serigala's practice at smooth. really good, i really need to spend a lot of time with other peope. because when i'm alone, every bad memories, worries, and miseries will strike me, hard. LOL

i've just practiced violin in my brand new room. LOL i'm exaggerating i'm just redecorating and rearranging things. but now i have the space for everything. my study, a big cupboard for my music books and university books and other books, another cupboard for stockings, bags and other things, a place to put keyboard, violin, standpart, and all :p

oh, and in this semester i will :
-write more frequently in this blog (whether it's just a quick update, or something more useful like recipe, music or thoguhts) rather than gazing on
A's facebook repeatedly and i'd feel longing and miserable.
B's facebook repeatedly and i'd feel too hopeful and too pessimistic.
C's facebook repeatedly and i'd feel jealous or i'll loathe C more and more.

practice violin regularly really practing, doing etudes and classical songs. and improve hearing too.

study music theoryso that i'll be prepared for the next ABRSM theory :P thanks to mas becke for all of the books and practice books.

repeat each lesson better GPA will soon come, i believe :P

practice keyboard. LOL. welcoming myself as a keyboardist.

practice singing
being pessimistic and optimistic in a adequate value

learn to cook more foods ^^

arthur-ing all day (OK, this is getting so cheesy LOL)

pray and pray and pray :)

oh gotta go now. it's 3pm! keep reading my blog everyone. pray for my first P.E. today!^^


Sunday, 24 January 2010

chopin night with Aleksander Kudajczyk ^^


this is the concert that i've just watched last night with mbak echi, mas hendy, and mas beke at CCF Bandung.

i always love chopin's composition so much. and last night, Sir Aleksander Kudajczyk played the thing really really brilliant :)

unfortunately i forgot to record his playing or take a picture of his playing secretly (because we're not allowed to take pictures >.<)

we (the girls) has got his autograph and took a picture with him, here take a look

thanks to the boys for their patience, especially mas hendy to took the picture :D

well, wonderful concert.
and oh, i have ever played 2 songs from the repertoire last night.

nocturne in c sharp minor, op.posth and one of the chopin's valse.
i guess i'm gonna practice piano again, harder :D


Saturday, 23 January 2010

my holiday ^^

hey all! this is the second last day of my holiday. in january the 25th i'd have to start my new semester on School of Life Sciences and Technology ITB ^^

ok, my holiday, was so nice. thanks God.

and it was unpredictable. thanks God.

ok let's see what i've done in my holiday..

the first week 21dec-27 dec
half holiday. i was still having two of my final examination (ttki and pti) but after that holiday began ^^ i spent a lot of time hanging out with friends and baking cupcakes.

i played at let's play violin it was great. incredibly, i didn't fail my czardas monti that much LOL.

and i intended to watch voice of june performance on ciwalk, but after that i had to go to play at cafe rumah 1930, so i did not watch them (sadly, it was my last job there)

and i played with angsa dan serigala (my dear band^^) on score ciwalk.

the second week 28 dec-3 jan
i didn't do much. only one music lesson, one band practice, making muffins, and then i went to braga festival to watch voj (again) but then the performance was cancelled, oh dear :p
right after new year's eve i had a real holiday, finally ^^ i went to hongkong and china. it was SUPERB!

the third week.4-10 jan
still china. and i went back home to bandung, exhausted. i had one accoustic performance at wedding with my friends, and finally i went to jakarta because my biggest sister, allya, returned back home to italy :(

the fourth week.11-17 jan
a hyper week. this week i learned to make chocolate mousse ^^ i recorded my song, indonesiaku for indonesia song festival 2010 (full version of the story can be read, here).

i practiced with klabklassik string trio for wedding, and then my sister's boyfriend birthday! me and my friend made a surprise party, and me and my sister bake a full of love cake (recipe can be seen here)

after that, angsa dan serigala live recording.

and klabklassik string trio performance at wedding. it was nice.

and yeyen and dian recording project at aru. i played the violin, mas syarif and mas yunus played guitar, mas ammy as the director, kak yeyen and kak dian, of course, as the super duper good singer (uyeah!) and kak dega (as the manager)
we really had a good time ^^ recording, eating, and gossiping. LOL. full story and pictures can be seen here

the last week.
last week of holiday. i spent my time doing a major cleaning up and attending music lessons and exercising on treadmill, LOL. and oh, shopping. i went to matahari BIP, and jogja sunda (surprisingly it sells very good clothes, i bought a nodame cantabile style dress, it was nice! you should try to shop there!^^ -later on i'll post my picture wearing my nodame dress, LOL)

i also just have discovered a cool boutique at setiabudi supermarket. actually it IS for kids. but i don't care, as long as they have a good dresses that fits on me :p

by the way, you may think that i'm a super shopaholic. but trust me, i'm not. i rarely do this kind of shopping spree, besides, i use my own money for previous jobs to buy the thing ^^

and then, i went to oculist, and the doctor said that i CAN wear contact lenses, only for performance, not for daily basis ^^ and why not? so i had the prescription for contact lenses :D but i'm still a bit afraid to try :p
and then, Indonesian Song Festival Team party at my home. we bought, we cooked, we ate :D it was superb also. i learned to make tiramisu, and it was quite nice ^^

and finally today, and tomorrow.

i am trying to optimize my holiday! today i'll go to watch chopin night at ccf. and tomorrow i'll go all day. to my friend house, attending RGB (ok, RGB and i'm going to play guitar LOL. what's RGB? full information here) and.. swim!


i really thanked God for this wonderful holiday, and a good first semester GPA. thanks God! :>
i really thanked God for a wonderful and supportive family.
i really thanked God for all of my friends and best friends.
i really thanked God for everything.

i failed my holiday resolution of practicing driving.
but that's quite fine LOL.

and my mood for this holiday?
a loads of UPs and DOWNs, really. but i've moved on, a bit.
i smiled a lot, i laughed a lot, i cried a lot, and i blushed a lot too! LOL :>

and after all, i just want to be happy. just pray that this happiness won't fade, guys!


Friday, 22 January 2010

cake siram cokelat ^^

cannot really make a good english name for this cake, actually it's just a simple cake layered with chocolate icing.
this recipe is simple and easy to try ^^
i've tried this on 14th of january 2o1o, to celebrate my sister's boyfriend birthday. and it was quite nice ^^

the cake
250 gr of sugar
6 eggs
250 gr of plain flour

1. turn on the oven and set the temperature to 180 degree celcius
2. prepare a baking pan, spread butter and a bit of flour over it
3. put sugar and eggs in a bowl and whisk it until pale, fluffy, and stiff.
4. carefully fold the mixture with flour, pour it into the baking pan
5. bake it for about 20 minutes

the icing (for chocolate layer)
3 tbsp of butter (preferably lurpark or anchor)
2 tsp of cacao
2 tbsp of milk
1 tsp of vanilla powder

1. melt the butter
2. put the other ingredients and mix it well

creating the whole cake
1. put the cake in a baking tray
2. cover it with chocolate icing
3. make another icing (optional) to write and decorate the cake more! :)

happy eating and trying ^^

Monday, 18 January 2010


You’ll know that you miss someone very much when every time you think of that person, your heart breaks into pieces and just a quick “Hello” from that person can bring the broken pieces back.


Saturday, 16 January 2010

recording session indonesiaku ^^

i have just recorded my new song for indonesian song festival (ISF)the song name is indonesiaku.
this competition is held by indonesian government. and the winner's song would be registered to ASEAN song festival.

and i was just curious and registering myself.
i did not expect anything from this competition rather than experience. since this competition is open for everyone, i mean, a professional music player can also register.

the recording team was
me as violinist, vocalist, and glockenspiel player LOL.
mas hendy as guitarist and maracas player :)
mas medi as cellist.
and ilham as second violinist.
and also, mbak azisa as manager LOL.
mas edu as operator.

we did the recording on last tuesday, on aru of course :D
and the result was quite well. and i hope that i would get the best result for this competition :D
later on i'll post the song :)

here take a look of some crazy photographs (unfortunately not that good, because this pictures were taken only by mobile phone)

go maracas!

the manager ^^

hungry musician :p

mas edu, the cool operator ^^

ilham, doing his homework during the session LOL

ok, this brand new world is quite fine with me, cheers♥