Saturday, 17 April 2010

violin and physics♥

hey hello all! :)

ok, now i want to tell you a story about two things. violin and physics.
well, i LOVE violin while i HATE physics. but this two things have a connection to each other.
ok, i used to only know their connections which are too conceptual. for example tension concept (for the strings), frequency concept (for the notes) and many other lame thing that i didn't like. LOL.

but recently my physics lecturer give a lecture about electromagnetic induction. as i have mentioned in my earlier post, i hate induction because it involves Right Hand Rule.

but then, my teacher came to the implementation of electromagnetic induction : GUITAR PICK UP (also work as well as violin pick up) and MICROPHONE. i was very astonished and happy.

i mean, i never know how my pick up works. my friends always ask to me how this pick up works, and i don't know, and also at that time i was too lazy to search it on google ^^"

and see how it works, in my opinion. please correct me if i'm wrong!

in violin the pick up is connected to the violin bridge. when we play a note, the strings will vibrate and the violin bridge will also vibrate.
here's a picture of a violin brige plus pick up..

now, let's imagine a coil and a magnetic bar, well here's the picture.

and violin string is analogous of the magnetic bar, violin string is made of a magnetic material. while the pick up part that is connected to the bridge is analogous to the coil.
when we play a note the string will vibrate. the vibration is like the movement of the magnetic bar into and out of the coil. the vibration will give a change into the magnetic flux (the number of magnetic line that pass through a surface perpendiculary). the magnetic flux change thus will make the coil (or the pick up part, in this case) to be inducted. it will make the pick up to be have an induction current.
this thing will make the sound of your violin, sound wave to be translated into electrical current. this change make it possible for the current to be delivered to the amplifier. and the amplifier will make your violin sounds louder :)

ok i don't what's going on inside my head. why i post thing like this in my blog? i mean.. physics! so eww~ but whatever, i just feel like writing it.

and talking about pickup.
my first pick up is a V 200 Fishman Pickup.

here's the case.

and here's how it looks.

my old v 200 fishman pickup (she (hahaha it has a gender LOL) has been working with me for 5 years)is now retiring. mm, not exactly now, but next week.
ok she has been quite troublesome lately. many soundmans said that the pick up made noises (due to lack of grounding). angsa dan serigala's soundman, kang gilar, also said that he has to keep the volume down because if the volume is up my violin will sound so 'cempreng' (oh my God, i don't know what's cempreng in english, anyone?)

so i order a new pick up, a LR Bagg (the same type of my teacher's) from USA.
and the pick up has just arrived! here take a look!

here's the case!

and take a look inside :)

since the installment of my LR Bagg requires several days (replacing the violin bridge plus adjusting it to my violin) so i haven't changed my pick up yet. i cannot 'hospitalized' my violin this weekend because i have 2 performances and 1 recording (sometimes weekend is just as busy and as hectic as weekdays, it just has a different pressure -__-)

well, so this weekend will be the last week of my V 200 Fishman, after all of her hard works :(

now suddenly i think i have the reason to write this post. i write it for my lovely V 200 Fishman, as a tribute to her. my expression of thank you for her incredible performance.and also my expression of gratitude for this entire 5 years.

bye bye my lovely V 200 Fishman Pickup! you can rest well now, i will always remember you as my first pick up, my first loyal companion to reach my goal of being a dazzling violinist! :)

Liebe, fifa♥


Anonymous said...

Terimakasih banyak bwat v200 fishman pickup yang selama ini telah menemani fifa dalam menggapai impiannya..
Selamat datang untuk pickup yang baru..
Mohon kerjasamanya, dan smoga km bsa meneruskan perjuangan dan menemani fifa menuju level yang lebih tinggi lagi..
Smangaat ya afifa dan pickup barunya..

Anonymous said...

bener2 oke banget infonya fifah :) langsung malu sendiri juga :blush:
ditunggu artikel lainnya ttg aplikasi kuliah lainnya di alat musik :)

Anonymous said...

btw, ni handal haha

minomino said...

well, i hate physics... and love biology ...
hebat skali bisa memahami hubungannya dengan benda yg disuka :p
r u left handed? :) nice

afifaayu said...

@anonymous hehee thank you yaah atas doanyaa.hmm,aku tauu kok ini siapaa hehehe :D

@kak handal : hohoho makasii,biar nyambung dikit hehehe :D

@minomino : hehehe thank you, yah biar bs fisika hehehe dan dapet nilai bagus,harus disenangi dulu fisikanyaa :) no I'm not left handed.why?

Helena Prihastuti said...

v200 fishman itu cewe ya? hahaha

afifaayu said...

@helen : sepertinya iyaa :DD