Saturday, 10 April 2010


my father has just bought me cupcakes from jakarta. maybe you have heard of this cupcakes store by chocalot in cilandak town square or plaza indonesia.

the cupcakes are undeniably EXTRA CUTE. EXTRA SWEET and GIRLY and it has such a strong fragrant. just eat it, and you will feel like flying over the rainbow in a fairy land's sky :3
the cupcakes are just too beautiful. just take a look to their websiteand you'll see what a beautiful cupcakes that they have.

oh well, talking about cupcakes. i love to bake cupcakes also.

my cupcakes is not that beautiful. but i think it tastes more simple and home made-ish. and just before i leave my laptop and do some violin practices and do my physics homework (oh God) maybe i should share my simple cupcake recipe!

this recipe is for my favorite homemade cupcake :)

the ingredients :

100 gr of blueband (or any margarine that you like)
100 gr of caster sugar (my mom told me that we don't have to buy caster sugar, which is more costly, we can simply make caster sugar by putting sugar into food processor)
75 gr of self raising flour
25 gr of cacao (van houten is the best, believe me!)
2 eggs

just put all of the ingredients together in a bowl, mix it well with electric mixer. pour it into baking pan specialized for cupcakes. bake it with 180 degree celcius for about 15-30 minutes (you'd better check frequently to your oven)

you can also decorate it, my favorite decoration is emoticon cupcake :D LOL.

**if you want to make plain cupcakes instead of chocolate, you can just switch 75 gr of self raising flour and 25 gr of cacao with 100 gr of self raising floor plus a pinch of vanilla powder.

well happy cooking!
and i guess tomorrow i'll bake cupcakes!

Liebe, fifa♥


oase said...

can't wait for the home made cupcake from u.. :)

hopefully someday u'll reallize it..

afifaayu said...

Tenang ya sabar sabaar.. Hectic nih hahaha :D