Monday, 5 April 2010


well well, another post! a quick update post, i'll not post something too philosophical or brainy here LOL. i guess i'll post in on the weekend :3

since my last post my life has changed a bit. it still do looks similar but i know now it's a bit different :3
and right know i really need a little break, so i will write in this blog.

OK, ONE, now i'm the additional keyboardist of a japan power pop band named Voice of June (okay this sounds a bit crazy and so-not-me)the girls there are super cute, super white, super thin, and also a marvelous dancers. but i think i'll have my own style haha ( i spent too much time with a baroque pop-folk rock band though, you can't blame me to have a 'serious' looking LOL.

ok let's compare this :

and this :

haha, maybe i'm in a wrong place xp

TWO, i lost my handphone and my uncle bought me an onyx blackberry. this is like a dream, really. my uncle said it was for my GPA last semester. hope that i can maintain it.

THREE, kak angkuy is not in angsa dan serigala anymore :( he has to be focus on bottlesmoker, since they gonna have a tour to Philipphine and of course much much more great and large project. kak ashaf also has quit, he has a new job as a translator, good for him. kak yulius (he is the bottlesmoker's manager) has replaced him. and now kak aji plays guitar and also, glockenspiel. and we have a new guitarist, kak baruna.
wow, a lot of things have happened in my band. but we're still moving on rapidly, and currently searching for a recording label.

FOUR my best friend HILDA MARDIANA has gone to japan. we (me, hilda, irly, helen, uti, and febe) held the farewell party at my home. we cooked sukiyaki and stuffs. for the farewell we made a CD consist of 5 songs for hilda, and also a scrap book. and i miss her so, nice to know that she's having a good time there.

our party :3

wow, our sukiyaki!

but fyi, i fell in her farewell party. i really fell. i got sprain, bruises, etc. for 2 weeks i couldn't walk properly, and i wore elastic bandage for my sprain legs. it really hurts me, a lot :p but now i'm a bit better. but still, i cannot do the running test today. it's still hard for me to maintain balance in my little feet :3

FIVE i have to say goodbye to his royal highness Arthur. you're just not suitable for me :) go live your sociable life, i'll not interfere you :)

SIXTH i read perahu kertas by dee. and it gives me a HOPE. for a true love <3

SEVENTH my violin teacher offers me to play with him (with d'cinnamon) and also offers me to teach violin. that's quite good, i mean with teaching i have to ensure that i have enough skill to be delivered to my future pupil, thus i HA to practice hard.

EIGHT i cut my hair. i want to look like amelie poulain. my mom said i look younger, and my friends opinions vary. from cute, sweet, fairy-ish until kobo chan-ish (ok, is kobo chan a girl or a boy?i'm not pretty sure~)


and me!

NINTH i'll learn to be more grateful for what i've earned :)and i'll study harder than before, i'll practice violin harder than before, i'll work harder than before, and also i'll learn to be more positive :)thank you helen, irly, uti, and the other for your support! :3

and TENTH a lot of ups and downs. but you'll still there. thank you dear KEE! <3

and i gotta go now. kreutzer and bach has already called me :3

love, fifa♥


Helena Prihastuti said...

kobochan means cute afifaa :D hehe keep spiritt my frieeeend :)))

afifaayu said...

hey heleeen :)) ooh gitu yaa hehehe. aku bingung kobo kayak nama cowo tapi chan kayak cewe hahaha.

makasi heleeen >:D<