Wednesday, 14 April 2010

a quick study updates ^^

wow hello! :)

i just feel like writing a quick update about my study ^^
okay, i've finished all of my first midterm. i got 51 (out of 54) in calculus. 55 (out of 100) in chemistry, 53 (out of 100) in physics, and 89 (out of 100) in biology.

i have two scores that actually a bit disappoint me, and make me feel really really inferior. but i know just being disappointed all the time will not increase my score.
i have to study more, be more focus, ignore the valedictorian's score, be postive, be grateful, and also pray to Allah.
that i would have a score that suits my sacrifice.
i mean if i study hard, God, please increase my score.
and if i am lazy, i don't mind to have bad scores, it's just the consequences.

and i'm still like usual, still in my old hobbies of writing my notes with colourful markers. still feel retarded in the class, and have to catch up at home real hard.
and still in my own way of being study oriented : class home class studio home class soundcheck class vocal course class violin course class stage class home.
(this is a bit strange form of study oriented, but whatever. this is my life anyway :3)

well gotta study harder for chem and physics. strangely i wanna proof that being a member of an indie band, and using blackberry as your phone will not make you flunk and your grade plummet, LOL. and also i wanna beat someone and some cliques in my class hahaha. ok i know that those are such a funny, immature, and ridiculous study motivation, but i don't care :D as long as i have a motivation and it will not harm anyone, i think that's pretty fine to me.

and now here comes the second midterm.

next week is calculus and i really hope that i can study calculus from this week.

because most of the subject will involve 3D orientation (vectors and parametric curve). and my brain is definitely not made for 3D :D for function with two or more variables and also matrices i'm doing quite okay. just.. pray for me.

two weeks from now is physics.

i'm doing quite with the equations of magnetic and induction but not with the RIGHT HAND RULE. ok, God give me a miracle please. i will study really hard!

and chemistry? also have to study real hard. i won't flunk this time, i hope.

so gotta study hard, real hard.


ok, maybe that's all for my quick update, i gotta go for my chemistry last experiment! (yippie) see you later!



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