Saturday, 1 May 2010


uh well, hello all. sorry i didn't post anything for weeks. i just had my physics test yesterday.

finally i have came into the last 3 weeks of Tahap Persiapan Bersama (ITB's first year) and those weeks will not be easy, at all :p
i need to be focus in my study alsoo in my other responsibility (here you see me stealing time at 6am in the morning before studying and later on attending my band's practice for tomorrow's performance at 9am -___-)

btw, for the performance..

don't forget to come to FISIP FAIR UNPAD tomorrow at Sasana Budaya Ganesha, my band gonna play in the indoor stage at 3pm. afterwards there will be a lot of really GREAT band, for example Mocca, Kahitna, Rocketrockers, THE SIGIT, etc.
on the spot ticket IDR60.000


ok then, i'm gonna have gazzilions of exam (exaggerating) and projects for the end of this semester.
chemistry, final exam of : Sistem Alam Semesta, biology, calculus, sports, and english (for me my presentation test) i also have Research Based Learning for physics, calculus project, SAS project, and also i haven't finished my sports test (but i'll try to finish it from next week, my leg is hopefully getting better and i get a new medication that seems to improved it)

right now that's the most important thing that keep buzzing in my head :p i need a good GPA, i think it will not be as good as my last GPA, because i know, to have an A or AB or B in sports is rather impossible. but i still don't know yet, i have to pray, keep my finger crossed and strive HARD, God, please make my GPA good and let me enter microbiology, amen! :)

i'm also dreaming to see my name in the dean list of School of Life Sciences and Technology. ahhaha. just pray for me :3 i want to make my mom and dad proud of me :) if my GPA this semester is the same with the last semester, maybe i'd enter the deanlist :D

and i really want to search for a summer school in holland, like my sister does. but right now please just be focus to final exam and entering microbiology and also sneaking into deanlist hahaha :DD *you can't blame me for dreaming, right?