Saturday, 30 May 2009

just welcoming you back!

hey HELLO!

back blogging. since now i've nothing really urgent to do.
thanks God that i've finished my national examination and also USM ITB, and hopefully i passed to School of Life Sciences and Technology ITB. alhamdullilah :)

lotta things have happened recently.

like. hmm. as i have mentioned that i've successfully made it to ganesha 1o.
and i'm so into angsa dan serigala. my lovely band.
and i've won 3rd place of musikustix, a song writing competition, that made me officially a song writer right now.
and i've sung more right now. singing for life and money, i mean. LOL. i've started singing for wedding and things like that.
and i'm gonna take abrsm violin examination 6th grade. haha.
and now i'll do whatever it takes to be... SLIM! LOL. doing aerobic, sit ups, and eating fruits and veggies.

and and. uhm well.
lotta things have happened, but don't worry. i'm still the silly missbunnybiola :)
and i've activated my plurk account again.

well, just sit back and enjoy my posts!