Saturday, 30 May 2009

B U M I :)

hello again. i'm a bit over-posting. i know this is only my first day using the blog syndrome.
but i hope that my imagination and fresh ideas won't run dry after this.

well. as i've mentioned my new establishment as a song writer. let me write down one of my song lyrics here :p
this song named BUMI. fortunately this song won 3rd place at musikustix kompas muda song writing competition. with only a simple arrangement of piano, vocal, violin, viola, and cello.


oh mengapa jadi begini?
mengapa, tak jadi hijau lagi?
mengapa kita begini?
lalai kita jaga bumi ini..

oh mengapa, jadi begini?
mengapa tak jadi indah lagi?
mengapa kita begini?
lalai jaga ibu pertiwi..

padi tak semi, rimba pun mati..
engkau digali, tanpa peduli..
padi tak semi, rimba pun mati..
sanggupkah kau, tegak berdiri?

bumi, tempatku berdiri..
tempatku mengabdi..
tempatku mencari arti hidup ini
di dunia, marilah jaga bumi ini
bumi, tempatku berdiri..
tempatku mengabdi..
tempatku mencari, kehidupan ini
marilah kita, jaga sampai mati

this song tells you about our dear earth. that has suffered so much from our behavior.
the first verse questions us about the difference between earth now and before, that earth used to be so green and beautiful. that means that we're unable to protect our earth.
the bridge explains to you about how we've destroyed our earth. by cutting down trees and excessive mining.
and the reff is the persuasive line of the song. because the earth is the place that we live. the place that we search for the meaning of this life. let's protect it whole heartedly until we die!


moxi said...

di upload dong lagunya, pgn denger. hohohoo...

aku jg baru semangat ngeblog lagi nih, tp di multiply:
ada jg sih yg di blogspot, tp itu isinya novel (yg trus males ngupdate lagi. hihii..)

skali2 mampir ya =p

afifaayu said...

mba moxii :)

asyik2 aku link-in ya blognya :D hehe.

lagunya ada di profile facebook aku di bagian kiri agak bawah hehe :D