Saturday, 30 May 2009

little star :)

everyone around me is so shining and sparkling.


i started everything with baby steps.

i don't have any connection to the music world at all. my family just love music and they want their children to learn music. so i started it with piano and then violin, vocal, guitar. and everything. i learnt everything slowly and slowly. and suddenly this world has became a big part of my life. i really love music.
loads of things happened. loads of far more greater people than me that i met. loads of things that i experienced. happy. sad. depressed. excited. overjoyed. misery. jealousy.

but i keep on playing my little violin more and more.

i'm not a brilliant classical player. well, i never learnt classical violin properly, though.
i'm not having a great classical recital at erasmus huis or ccf or some place else.
i'm not performing in a magnificent big show in national or international scope like others.
i'm independent. i don't have great connection in music. i always look for my job and performance by myself. and i never want to miss even just one performance, every performance is meaningful for me. no matter how small the scope is.
i don't play on tv and be recognized by the whole country or being a member of a major label band. in fact i'm just someone that you might recognized from stage to stage, as a indie player.
people don't say that i'm a musical genius in a youth age, i have lack knowledge of music theory etc. in fact i've only finished my 5th grade of classical examination.
i'm not like my extravagant juniors. with lots of talent, lots of instrument that they masterized, lots of music style that they play, and good family reputation in music.


BUT i'm sure.
i'm also a little star shining out there.

i'm shining. maybe i'm not that big and bright. but slowly but sure i know that this little star will give you all the light and music that will make you all smile and feeling cheery and warm ;)
i will keep striving to be a big star.
although now i'm just an ordinary girl, i iwll evolve someday into a big and respectable star ;)


thank you for Dear GOD, i'm thankful of what you always gave to me.
thank you for my FAMILY; mom, papa, mbak al, mbak zisa, ilham, de lilly and others. for supporting me this whole 17 years.and teach me how to deal with my inferiority syndrome.
thank you for MR.TIGGER and my other best friend; who always love me just the way i am. and be proud of me just the way i am.
thank you for my music teachers MAS AMMY, PAK OERIP, OM ABI, and PAK KHRISNAN; without your presence i will not be able to express myself through music like i'm doing now.
thank you for my dear band, ANGSA&SERIGALA;kak aji,teh mega,kak danny, kak ardit, kang jack, kak angkuy,kak poppy,kak irwan,kak hamdan, i never felt this sense of togetherness before. this is really the place that i learn to play music with heart :)
thank you for my dear KLABKLASIK STRING TRIO; mbak zisa, mas syarif. what an experiece that i gained from this trio. especially when you all succeed to push me to sing :)
thank you for my TWILITE YOUTH ORCHESTRA; especially putri, astari, sara, bayu. this is eventually the place that i learn classical music properly and have fun too! :)
thank you ITB STUDENT ORCHESTRA; yaay finally i'll be a legal member of ISO :)

and well well. thank you all :)


i might be playing simple song with simple appearence.
but i have to be proud of what am i.
and i'll keep struggling to shine even more than before :)
and play a music that can amuse others :)
just pray for me, OK?