Saturday, 30 May 2009

new LABELS available :]

hello :)

let me introduce new labels. since i want to make this blog more useful and meaningful.
i don't want to write only crappy love story and my silly daily life.

here are the new labels :)

since i'm so into music. and well, this is the world that i live on. MUSIC LABEL. anything, music theory, instruments, bands, etcetera.

and right now due to my will to be a good housewife, CULINARY LABEL.simple recipes that i discovered and cooked :)

and also because i want to be slim and healthy, i might post something with HEALTHY LIFE LABEL

and since i just love cute clothes and apparel and i love to make photo manipulations. maye FASHION LABEL is not that bad :)

and well, since i'm gonna be a biology student from this august, maybe some post with LIFE SCIENCE LABEL as well. anything related to newest cutting edge biology research, and micro biology and nanotechnology newest discovery. i gotta study hard, remember? :)

and since i want to improve my english badly, so i'll try to write all the post in english :) please do make corrections if i made mistakes :)
just keep reading fellas :)