Sunday, 31 May 2009

home made brownies♥

hey. this is my first culinary label's post :)
please note that i'm still a beginner cook and if you would like to make corrections or share your recipe please feel free to write down on comment box :)

this time i'll write down how to make a..

*recipe by my mom, and it's really easy!

ingredients :
1 1/2 cup of flour
2 cup of custard sugar (or if unavailable, use white sugar that has been food processed before)
3/4 cup of cocoa (van houten would work best!)
1 cup of butter (use blueband)
4 eggs
1 sachet of vanilla

*notes : while preparing the ingredients, please do the following :
1. prepare the baking tray and spread a little bit of cooking oil and flour on it
2. turn on your oven to 180 degrees celcius

directions :

1. put all of the ingredients together in a bowl
2. mix it with a mixer until the color become shinny brown (please don't mix it too long, because if you do so the texture will be too floaty)
3. pour the mixed ingredients into the baking tray
4. bake it for about 45 minutes
5. cut it into square shape and put any toppings that you like
6. enjoy your brownies :)

try it, it's really easy :)



asparaguz said...

it's really crispy n crunchy..
i love it.. :)

afifaayu said...

yea yea. i love it also. but i love *** more :)