Sunday, 31 May 2009

prom night ♥

hey!morning all :)

my first post this morning will be about my PROM NIGHT.
inspired by pami's post. thank you pami :)

i'm graduating from high school this year or the exact time is this 22nd of june.

well, prom night tradition comes from USA. historians believe that they may have existed since 1800s, but it was first mentioned in the high school year books of 1930s and 1940s.
many said that prom tradition came from a tradition named debutante. some kind of ball to welcome the adult age of a girl. this tradition developed to institute formal dances for it, the dances often chaperoned and strictly only for senior student of high school.
in 1900s prom was relatively a simple affair, student will come for a tea, dancing, and socializing.
but since 1950s, since America enjoyed the luxury of the post-war economy prom had elaborated and becoming an expensive events.
people wore great new dress and tux, people wanted to come with a best looking-date, prom was held in glamorous hote's ballroom or banquet, and later on there were competition for the best dress, prom queen, prom king, and so on.
(source by prettyforprom, modified by me)

brought by many film, this tradition finally affected Indonesia also.
and as long as i know my highschool has held this event for several times. i remember my sister (she graduated at 2004) had some kind like prom also.

for me? well, i have no objection for this prom. this is like an event to celebrate our 3 years of study in high school. and since i love to wear fancy dress, i'm eager to come to this prom with a magnificent dress. and since my wonderful band is playing as a guest star here, well! i can't wait from this prom :)

hmm hmm my tips? wear a comfortable shoes because this event will take a lot of walking around the hall, wearing ultra high heels will surely kill your foot. yea especially for me, since i'm gonna jump around playing in a band :p

since the theme is MOVIE. and we're expected to dress like a movie star, dress with a costume from a movie, etc. i'm wearing a cinderella gown :)

here take a look at my gown : )