Sunday, 31 May 2009

quote of the day.

for every flaws that happen in any circumstances, make sure that you'll learn from your mistake.


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love is the most sentimental thing..

I Love You Pictures, Images and Photos

i ♥ you.
no matter how strong the wave keep hitting us.
i will still ♥ you.

home made brownies♥

hey. this is my first culinary label's post :)
please note that i'm still a beginner cook and if you would like to make corrections or share your recipe please feel free to write down on comment box :)

this time i'll write down how to make a..

*recipe by my mom, and it's really easy!

ingredients :
1 1/2 cup of flour
2 cup of custard sugar (or if unavailable, use white sugar that has been food processed before)
3/4 cup of cocoa (van houten would work best!)
1 cup of butter (use blueband)
4 eggs
1 sachet of vanilla

*notes : while preparing the ingredients, please do the following :
1. prepare the baking tray and spread a little bit of cooking oil and flour on it
2. turn on your oven to 180 degrees celcius

directions :

1. put all of the ingredients together in a bowl
2. mix it with a mixer until the color become shinny brown (please don't mix it too long, because if you do so the texture will be too floaty)
3. pour the mixed ingredients into the baking tray
4. bake it for about 45 minutes
5. cut it into square shape and put any toppings that you like
6. enjoy your brownies :)

try it, it's really easy :)


prom night ♥

hey!morning all :)

my first post this morning will be about my PROM NIGHT.
inspired by pami's post. thank you pami :)

i'm graduating from high school this year or the exact time is this 22nd of june.

well, prom night tradition comes from USA. historians believe that they may have existed since 1800s, but it was first mentioned in the high school year books of 1930s and 1940s.
many said that prom tradition came from a tradition named debutante. some kind of ball to welcome the adult age of a girl. this tradition developed to institute formal dances for it, the dances often chaperoned and strictly only for senior student of high school.
in 1900s prom was relatively a simple affair, student will come for a tea, dancing, and socializing.
but since 1950s, since America enjoyed the luxury of the post-war economy prom had elaborated and becoming an expensive events.
people wore great new dress and tux, people wanted to come with a best looking-date, prom was held in glamorous hote's ballroom or banquet, and later on there were competition for the best dress, prom queen, prom king, and so on.
(source by prettyforprom, modified by me)

brought by many film, this tradition finally affected Indonesia also.
and as long as i know my highschool has held this event for several times. i remember my sister (she graduated at 2004) had some kind like prom also.

for me? well, i have no objection for this prom. this is like an event to celebrate our 3 years of study in high school. and since i love to wear fancy dress, i'm eager to come to this prom with a magnificent dress. and since my wonderful band is playing as a guest star here, well! i can't wait from this prom :)

hmm hmm my tips? wear a comfortable shoes because this event will take a lot of walking around the hall, wearing ultra high heels will surely kill your foot. yea especially for me, since i'm gonna jump around playing in a band :p

since the theme is MOVIE. and we're expected to dress like a movie star, dress with a costume from a movie, etc. i'm wearing a cinderella gown :)

here take a look at my gown : )


Saturday, 30 May 2009

B U M I :)

hello again. i'm a bit over-posting. i know this is only my first day using the blog syndrome.
but i hope that my imagination and fresh ideas won't run dry after this.

well. as i've mentioned my new establishment as a song writer. let me write down one of my song lyrics here :p
this song named BUMI. fortunately this song won 3rd place at musikustix kompas muda song writing competition. with only a simple arrangement of piano, vocal, violin, viola, and cello.


oh mengapa jadi begini?
mengapa, tak jadi hijau lagi?
mengapa kita begini?
lalai kita jaga bumi ini..

oh mengapa, jadi begini?
mengapa tak jadi indah lagi?
mengapa kita begini?
lalai jaga ibu pertiwi..

padi tak semi, rimba pun mati..
engkau digali, tanpa peduli..
padi tak semi, rimba pun mati..
sanggupkah kau, tegak berdiri?

bumi, tempatku berdiri..
tempatku mengabdi..
tempatku mencari arti hidup ini
di dunia, marilah jaga bumi ini
bumi, tempatku berdiri..
tempatku mengabdi..
tempatku mencari, kehidupan ini
marilah kita, jaga sampai mati

this song tells you about our dear earth. that has suffered so much from our behavior.
the first verse questions us about the difference between earth now and before, that earth used to be so green and beautiful. that means that we're unable to protect our earth.
the bridge explains to you about how we've destroyed our earth. by cutting down trees and excessive mining.
and the reff is the persuasive line of the song. because the earth is the place that we live. the place that we search for the meaning of this life. let's protect it whole heartedly until we die!

love Pictures, Images and Photos

our ♥ floats. what a saying.

btw, i really love photo bucket. pictures there are so awesome and romantic..

new LABELS available :]

hello :)

let me introduce new labels. since i want to make this blog more useful and meaningful.
i don't want to write only crappy love story and my silly daily life.

here are the new labels :)

since i'm so into music. and well, this is the world that i live on. MUSIC LABEL. anything, music theory, instruments, bands, etcetera.

and right now due to my will to be a good housewife, CULINARY LABEL.simple recipes that i discovered and cooked :)

and also because i want to be slim and healthy, i might post something with HEALTHY LIFE LABEL

and since i just love cute clothes and apparel and i love to make photo manipulations. maye FASHION LABEL is not that bad :)

and well, since i'm gonna be a biology student from this august, maybe some post with LIFE SCIENCE LABEL as well. anything related to newest cutting edge biology research, and micro biology and nanotechnology newest discovery. i gotta study hard, remember? :)

and since i want to improve my english badly, so i'll try to write all the post in english :) please do make corrections if i made mistakes :)
just keep reading fellas :)


just welcoming you back!

hey HELLO!

back blogging. since now i've nothing really urgent to do.
thanks God that i've finished my national examination and also USM ITB, and hopefully i passed to School of Life Sciences and Technology ITB. alhamdullilah :)

lotta things have happened recently.

like. hmm. as i have mentioned that i've successfully made it to ganesha 1o.
and i'm so into angsa dan serigala. my lovely band.
and i've won 3rd place of musikustix, a song writing competition, that made me officially a song writer right now.
and i've sung more right now. singing for life and money, i mean. LOL. i've started singing for wedding and things like that.
and i'm gonna take abrsm violin examination 6th grade. haha.
and now i'll do whatever it takes to be... SLIM! LOL. doing aerobic, sit ups, and eating fruits and veggies.

and and. uhm well.
lotta things have happened, but don't worry. i'm still the silly missbunnybiola :)
and i've activated my plurk account again.

well, just sit back and enjoy my posts!

another great day ♫

jadi hari rabu ini (hm hm ceritanya agak-agak telat yah) lagi-lagi agak-agak HECTIC dan RAME. hehe.
sekarang kan udah agak-agak nganggur gituu. gak ke sekolah huhu.
dan kengangguran itu dimulai senin minggu ini.

hari SENIN. bangun siang (cape abis maen di bumi sangkuriang dan e-plex) nyampah. beresin kamar. hp kecemplung. (bodoh. hp kok dibawa mandi) panik. ngejemur hp. hp error. tapi jadi bener lagi (haha ga penting) ga dateng briefing (maaf yaa)
hari SELASA. bangun siang lagi. nyampah lagi. kamar gak beres-beres. siangan pergi deh nganterin mbak zisa ke reading lights, terus ke sekolah mensort essay2 anak2 yang seleksi RSBI ama dimas, meskhi, subhan. terus ngatur kelas seleksi RSBI (yiaat! dorong2 kursi dan meja, biar kurus ah lala)

dan hari RABU.

datanglah hari rabu. yess hari ini sibuk. aku gak lumutan di rumah dan nyampah.

bangun susah payah pagi-pagi. jam 7 udah harus standby di sekolah. pake baju bebas, pake dress batik yang nyla itu hoho. diliatin anak-anak kelas 2 yang lagi dihukum (ada si gichie juga) dan juga bu aan hehe. akhirnya masuklah aku ke sekolah. yang hari ini sangatlah penuh dengaan... anak-anak SMP yang ukuran badannya sangatlah gigantica. kelelep deh.
baru ada dimas. ke ruang wakasek. ngatur2 amplop dll. pengawas ada 1o dibagi ke 5 ruangan dari 3ipa1 sampai 3ipa5. 5 dari sma 3, 5 lagi dari UPI.
akhirnya subhan dan aria dateng. kita pun ngebagi2 tugas. dan dimulailah hari itu.

ada 450-an anak SMP yang sungguhlah enermous dan super ribut di aula. huaaa. nyari toa-toa deh. dan dimas pun ngejelasin sistem mekanisme dari seleksi dll.
dan dan.. tugas aku ama dimas, aria, dan subhan apaan sih selaku debater-debater yang telah retired?ngewawancara?


jadi L.O.!

teriak-teriak manggilin anak-anak yang bejubel kayak ikan sarden itu dan nganterin mereka ke ruang ujian, make sure mereka ngomong ama pengawas yang tepat dan ngatur timingnya biar 1o menitan.
ngeliat banyaknya jumlah anak2 smp itu, aku sih udah nrima aja deh, pasti ini bakal CAPE.

eh ketemu izzati. kasian nomernya izzati masih nomer 37. which's bakal kira2 jam 2 keatas. mudah2an keterima deh izzati :)
aku megang ruangan satu. eeh, peserta nomer satunya wisnu aryo setio hehe. temen plurk haha :D mudah2an keterima deh yaa.

setelah penjelasan panjang dimas tentang mekanisme pemanggilan dll. dengan bahasa inggrisnya yang excellent seperti biasa (tapi dia jadi diketawain anak smp deh hehe) akhirnya dimulailah.
aku handle ruangan 1.
subhan handle ruangan 2 dan 3.
aria handle ruangan 4 dan 5.
dimas handle tanda tangan di aula dan nyiapin peserta yang bentar lagi harus masuk (haha, GO DIMAS, GO DIMAS TOA BERJALAN!)

yaa riweuh lah kita. dan karena super ributnya anak2 smp jadinya aja satpam SMA 5 marah-marah, heu. abisnya sma 5 lagi tes listening.
dan gitu deh. bolak balik teriak teriak cape cape.
karena pewawancara tiap waktunya beda-beda jadi overlapping. tambah bolak balik. lari lari lompat kesana kemari hehe.
biarin lah. biar kurus. dan asyik juga sih :D

akhirnya sampai istirahat deh. makan gudeg banda (huhu hardly touched it, aku ga suka gudeg. untung aria ngebagi chicken nuggetnya, thanks riii:D)
terus sholat deh. jalan bareng aria gichie. aawww! I MISS ALSA UI 2oo8 MEMORIES. YOU TWO ARE MY BEST DEBATE TEAM MATE EVER! :) pokoknya aria harus masuk itb dan gichie paksain masuk itb biar kita bisa setim lagi.. amiin!

akhirnya setelah istirahat jam setengah 2 lebih aku terpaksa cabut soalnya ada checksound angsa dan serigala di score.
tapi dateng-dateng jam 2 teng baru ada mas aji. terus datanglah kang jack. dan kak ansa dkk. (duh lupa siapa aja) dengan NAIK TAKSI hihi.
akhirnya kita masuk ke score!
tapi masih gelap gitu belum disetting.
pas udah dinyalain lampunya dan mulai setting panggung aku udah amazed aja.
gila ni tempat HITAM sekali. lantai hitam. dinding hitam. kursi hitam. langit-langit hitam. panggung hitam. haha (maafkan ke-UDIK-an ku gak pernah ke tempat kayak score! sebelumnya)

yaa checksound lah kami. seperti biasa saja.
dapet run down. eh mainnya kok malem amat jam 22.55 sampai 23.25. udah deg2an aja takut gak boleh maen.. huhu.
tapi ahirnya boleh dong. yiippiee!

sore-sore mengGJ. translate profil angsa dan serigala buat dikirim ke mr. USA (Ya Allah mudahkanlah jalan angsa dan serigala untuk jalan2 di minnesota amiin!) translate-annya agak aneh sih. yaudah lah. nilai writing toeflku kan emang terbukti gak bagus-bagus amat hehe.

ahirnya jam 9 mulai siap-siap. dandan dikit dan akhirnya bersama mas medi dan mbak zisa berangkat ke SCORE! dresscodenya putih. lucu deh malem2 pake putih-putih. kayak hantu hahaha. aku baju dapet maling ke mamah. lucu bajunya kayak jubah gitu haha. tambah hantu deh, hantu kecil :p
sampai di SCORE! ketemu ama kak poppy dan kak parto.hoho.
dan yang lain pun mulai berdatangan. sambil nungguin kak intan dan semuanya datang. kita pun foto-foto di depan SCORE! senaang.
akhirnya masuk deh.
karena yang mau dapet pass ampe 27 orang lebih jadi kita baris dengan rapi.
ke 15 player juga baris, aku ikut baris deh. dengan rapi haha. dicap satu-satu.
pas giliran aku :

"bener gak pemain? bener udah 17?"
ah sial. aku udah mau 18 niih! :p

akhirnya masuk.
oh ow. gelap. sepi. acaranya belon mulai. padahal itu udah jam 10 lebih. alias NGARET.
yaudah deh. kita semua ngambil tempat di pojokan ada sofa-sofa gitu.
aku mengamati keadaan sekitar. wow gelap banget haha. remang-remang syalala.

inilah pengalaman pertamaku masuk tempat seperti SCORE!

udik yah?

yaa menunggu deh udah ngantuuuk banget. ama kak poppy dan kak ansa udah aja itu mah tepar-tepar di sofa. akhirnya acara mulai, ternyata acaranya fakultas peternakan UNPAD.
band pertama band kampus. yaya no comment.
terus ada fashion dance. gila gila gila. musiknya menghentakkan ruangan. ngebuat serangan jantung dan pingsan. menghantam jiwa. menusuk sukma (lebay)
terus ada joni lightning. vokalisnya enak.
terus ada fiona. hmhm gitu deh.

dan akhirnya tibalah waktu kita. finally. jam menunjukkan setengah 1 kurang. whoops. sekarang udah tanggal 28, bukan tanggal 27 lagi!

dan akhirnya main deh untungnya.
maennya sih cukup enjoy. cuman dari panggung gak keliatan apa-apa ke bawah.
lampunya mejikuhibiniu gitu haha. jadi kayak ilusi-ilusi gitu, udah ngantuk sih. haha.

lagu pertama bersamaku. terus manusia. terus unreachable hehe.terus sesaat yang akan sirna. terus detik dan waktu.

asyik :)
tapi pegel, ngantuk, batuk-batuk, pegel kaki.

langsung pulang deh. tapi perutku ngejerit. aku, mbak zisa, dan mas medi merasa SANGATLAH LAPAR.
niatnya mau ke mcd setiabudi mau drive-tru.
tapi taunya yang di premier bukaa hehe.
tapi ak udah copot sepatu dan kakiku tuh udah gak kuasa (weits) untuk masuk lagi ke high heels mama itu.

turun ke mcd premier nyeker haha. kayak cinderella gimana gituu. sepatunya ngilang hehe.

pesan cheeseburger, mcchicken, fillet-ofish, panas, french fries large, milo, ama icy blue float (haha ini mas medi yang pesen-bagiku ini terlihat seperti spirtus haha)
dan makaan deh dengan bahagia di jalan pulang. burgernya masi anget. enaaak.

sampai di rumah. jelaslah semuanya udah tidur.
mama gak buka2 pintu hueee. udah pesimis aja takut tidur di kebun. untung mama bukain pintu akhirnya hehehee.thanks mam.

udah gitu. apalagi? ngapus make up. dan tidur!!!

great day, uh?
love you anak-anak sef3 2009 dan angsadanserigala :D
love you so much much my family and my best :D

Liebe ♥

mencapai bintangku ♥


kulihat, malam terbentang..
berhiaskan, sribu bintang..

diantara bintang yang bersinar
satu pasti milikku,
walau jauh dan tak terbatas,
pastilah diriku mampu

doa dan restumu bagaikan seribu sayap
menghantarku membumbungku,
terbang melayang,
meraih bintang yang bersinar di langit tinggi,
mencapai bintangku

pasti akan kugapai, cita-cita

kerlipmu mengajakku terbang
menggapai, cita masa depan..


lagu judulnya mencapai bintangku, aku lupa siapa yang nyanyi. dulu aku nyanyiin lagu ini pas kelas 1 SMA. buat nampil sama ASC. waktu itu emang belum kerasa maknanya. tapi sekarang, saat gak sengaja shuffle winampku mainin lagu ini.

aku merasa yakin, pasti aku juga bisa menggapai cita-cita :)

ayo ah, semaangat meraih cita-cita!


little star :)

everyone around me is so shining and sparkling.


i started everything with baby steps.

i don't have any connection to the music world at all. my family just love music and they want their children to learn music. so i started it with piano and then violin, vocal, guitar. and everything. i learnt everything slowly and slowly. and suddenly this world has became a big part of my life. i really love music.
loads of things happened. loads of far more greater people than me that i met. loads of things that i experienced. happy. sad. depressed. excited. overjoyed. misery. jealousy.

but i keep on playing my little violin more and more.

i'm not a brilliant classical player. well, i never learnt classical violin properly, though.
i'm not having a great classical recital at erasmus huis or ccf or some place else.
i'm not performing in a magnificent big show in national or international scope like others.
i'm independent. i don't have great connection in music. i always look for my job and performance by myself. and i never want to miss even just one performance, every performance is meaningful for me. no matter how small the scope is.
i don't play on tv and be recognized by the whole country or being a member of a major label band. in fact i'm just someone that you might recognized from stage to stage, as a indie player.
people don't say that i'm a musical genius in a youth age, i have lack knowledge of music theory etc. in fact i've only finished my 5th grade of classical examination.
i'm not like my extravagant juniors. with lots of talent, lots of instrument that they masterized, lots of music style that they play, and good family reputation in music.


BUT i'm sure.
i'm also a little star shining out there.

i'm shining. maybe i'm not that big and bright. but slowly but sure i know that this little star will give you all the light and music that will make you all smile and feeling cheery and warm ;)
i will keep striving to be a big star.
although now i'm just an ordinary girl, i iwll evolve someday into a big and respectable star ;)


thank you for Dear GOD, i'm thankful of what you always gave to me.
thank you for my FAMILY; mom, papa, mbak al, mbak zisa, ilham, de lilly and others. for supporting me this whole 17 years.and teach me how to deal with my inferiority syndrome.
thank you for MR.TIGGER and my other best friend; who always love me just the way i am. and be proud of me just the way i am.
thank you for my music teachers MAS AMMY, PAK OERIP, OM ABI, and PAK KHRISNAN; without your presence i will not be able to express myself through music like i'm doing now.
thank you for my dear band, ANGSA&SERIGALA;kak aji,teh mega,kak danny, kak ardit, kang jack, kak angkuy,kak poppy,kak irwan,kak hamdan, i never felt this sense of togetherness before. this is really the place that i learn to play music with heart :)
thank you for my dear KLABKLASIK STRING TRIO; mbak zisa, mas syarif. what an experiece that i gained from this trio. especially when you all succeed to push me to sing :)
thank you for my TWILITE YOUTH ORCHESTRA; especially putri, astari, sara, bayu. this is eventually the place that i learn classical music properly and have fun too! :)
thank you ITB STUDENT ORCHESTRA; yaay finally i'll be a legal member of ISO :)

and well well. thank you all :)


i might be playing simple song with simple appearence.
but i have to be proud of what am i.
and i'll keep struggling to shine even more than before :)
and play a music that can amuse others :)
just pray for me, OK?