Tuesday, 25 May 2010

new hobby ^^

hello all :)
finally right now i'm having half holiday. no more classes and exams but i still have to follow Program Perkenalan Nymphaea + doing my usual routine with klabklassik string trio, angsa dan serigala, and stuffs.
so let's just call it "HALF HOLIDAY"

ok, right now i have a new hobby. it is productive.
but actually it is not really new, this is my holiday hobby.. COOKING :)

let's take a look into few pictures of my cooking lately (beside my cake last week)

cream of chicken soup :3

buttered steak with fried rice :3

italian steak with egg frittata and rucola salad

well, i just hope that with all of my cooking practice i will be a good wife and mom later on :) amen!

gotta go now, i'm having a performance on Hari Keluarga TPB ITB 2009 with my friends and after that, PPN.

please with me luck!! :)