Monday, 10 May 2010

Indonesian Cutting Edge Music Award 2010 =)

ok, a little update.
i'm doing my final exams right now. pray for me. and also so many final project! calculus, physics, and SAS and still have to fix my running test score :P

so i don't have much time.

btw, my band angsa dan serigala is one of the nomination of INDONESIAN CUTTING EDGE MUSIC AWARD 2010 in the category of THE BEST NEWCOMER! =)

so, i really appreciate if you vote for my band.
here's the step :

1. go here , the official website of ICEMA 2010. the best new comer tab.

3.choose 'vote for best new comer'

4.choose ' ANGSA DAN SERIGALA - bersamaku ' don't forget to fill the form and then check your email and verify your vote! :)

thank you very much all :) your vote will really really help us! :)

and for upcoming show, tomorrow, tuesday 10th of May we will have a show at UNPAR Bandung in International Relation Expo-Youthphoria at 5 pm (right after my Sistem Alam Semesta final test, gotta get out of the class fast LOL)

for more information, just go here

and gotta go now! still have 7 Chapters for Sistem Alam Semesta :)

Love, Fifa♥