Wednesday, 19 May 2010

colorful life :)

well hello all! :)

recently something very big has happened to my life. and all of sudden, my life has changed within few days. really change. i really think that i don't have to mention what's changing if you are my best friend then you will know what's really CHANGING.

and now i'm quite happy. thank you ya Allah :)
i'm gonna walk carefully now while still having loads of curiosity about "this"

i just hope that this time everything will be incredible and it the fun will last :)
and now. let's have fun miaw miaw!!
let's paint it in a very colorful way!


and and ok a bit update.

i got AB and AB for chemistry and physics. i'm really grateful. i mean, i really flunk physics and i got a bad chemistry score for the first mid test. but it ends up with total score 71, and 72 is A. i really hope that miracle will happen and my chemistry score will be an A :P

my band's

angsa dan serigala
is playing today and tomorrow. today is at blitz megaplex for a charity event at 9 pm. tomorrow is SMAN 5 Firetory Expo, and the L.O will be my old plurk friends :)
please kindly drop by and say hello hahaha :D

and my other band, voice of june will play in jatinangor this sunday. oh, i never been to jatinangor before. i hope it'll be fun :p

i'm gonna have Program Perkenalan Nymphaea next week. pray for me.

i'm gonna bake cake today. ahem.

and i'm quite happy and feeling lovely. hahaha. thanks to everyone :)

gotta go now, i'll give more update later on! cheers!

Liebe, Afifa Ayu♥


C'est le papillon said...

Is that love in the aiiiirrr?? ^^

afifaayu said...

Yes certainly♥