Sunday, 9 January 2011

songs available for download.

okay, hello again all! <3

trying to be more productive this whole morning i'm working with my sibellius creating new song for Indonesian Youth Ideas! i hope that all the things will be good! :)
and nothing will troubled me, from the making, arrangement, practice until the recording. Amin!

btw, let me share you the link of my songs :

this song won 3rd place at national competition of Muda Musikustix from Kompas Muda :D

this song has it own video clip hahaha :p people said that this song is suitable for.. sinetron soundtrack HAHA. special thanks to the video clip model LOL.

this song was also for a competition, unluckily it didn't win. this song has a bit of pentatonic and gamelam bali touch, you might wanna listen to it :)

Anak Negri
this is my first song with band arrangement. you can get the spirit of nationalism!

Satu Atap
this is the soundtrack of a comic created by my sister, Satu Atap (you can get it in nearest gramedia) this song is a bit fairy tale-ish :)

Gapai Cemerlang Gemintang
this song is one of the lagu angkatan of School of Life Sciences and Technology ITB class of 2009! :)

and that's it (for now)

please kindly download it, friends :)

with loads of love♥

Afifa Ayu