Wednesday, 26 January 2011

lunch box!

nowadays i'm bringing my own bento style lunch box to campus! yeay! :)

well, few people bring lunch box to school and some thinks that it's boring and a bit old fashioned.
but what if we design the lunch box like this? (well it's cute, it will make you full, and also it will make you spend less money, isn't it?)

simple and colorful :)sausage, spicy burger, lettuce salad, rice, and also potato croquette.

sausage, spicy hamburger, cheese omelette and also rice. and also a bunny in a lunchbox! (this bunny is a jelly bought by my mom at singapore, it taste good but i felt bad to eat the whole bunny :'( )

bite size steak diane and crispy chicken, tomato and lettuce salad, friend rice and choco strawberry pudding for the desert! enjoy!

well, also my advice as a fouth semester microbiology student - food scientist wanna be. bring your own special lunch box to school/campus! :) the food quality, and nutrition will be better. and i garantee that it contains less COLIFORM than the food you would expect to find in some canteen on ITB. LOL :)

have a very wonderful night all,

with loads of love,

Afifa Ayu♥