Wednesday, 19 January 2011

newly decorated room !

oh hello all! finally this night i can write about my newly decorated room (after a long week of cleaning it up, piling up things, and buying new furniture for my room) my room is 80% newly decorated! and i love it!

let's see now i have :

1. necklace hanger + hair accessories hanger
found this at daisho Paris Van Java for 22000 IDR.
it's a multipurpose hanger exactly, but i use it for necklaces. you see i have tons of necklace. from hama beads, girly necklaces, pearl necklaces, and many more. putting it in an unorganized way will hinder you to wear the necklace. instead you'll be lazy to pick a necklace that suits your outfit. you can see that the hanger can divide your necklace to 10 categories and i do think this will help me so much to mix and match my clothes and necklace :)

and this one is for my pretty hair accessories, my favorite!

2. shoe rack

found this at carrefour Paris van Java with a low price (94000 IDR)
it's a multipurpose rack actually and it's a bit too good for shoes, but i like it so much. i put some of my shoes here, i mean i'm really a shoe maniac! from my pink oshkosh boots, zara kids boots, aixaggio flats, colehan flats, until salvatore ferragamo heels.
there are still more shoes but the rack is already full. LOL

3. toolbox
found this at carrefour Paris van Java for about 60000 IDR.

my dearest band, Angsa dan Serigala has a huge strong toolbox that (literally) able to load anything. it inspires me to adopt this adorable pink toolbox for my musical equipment from carrefour! :) from wireless, pre amps, pick ups, cables, small percussion instruments, until small thing like spare violin string and violin polish. i love my toolbox.

4. bag rack

my bags (again i am not only a shoe-holic but also a bag-holic) used to share place with my colorful stockings. but now my bags have their own space! from oroton and aigner hand bags, zara purse, until my calvin klein backpack. i love my bags so much, i'm just addicted to it!

5. stocking rack

found this for only 200000 IDR at Giant Pasteur.
uber cute rack! <3 i can put my stockings here, color coded. from formal black to shocking pink, crazy stripes, or skull pattern! also leggings, shorts, leg warmers, and my fancy long socks! stocking is so me! i don't care if someone said that it's a bit too formal or old fashioned to wear stockings. they just can't find a good colored, fancy and trendy stockings to be worn! :p

6. my closet
ok, i need a bigger one. if i have my own house later on first thing that i will do is to make a clothes room. where you can get all of your clothes hung (just like in a store) so that no clothes will left unseen and unworn :p anyway, i've done mass cleaning up (my routine per 6 months). piling and sorting things and donating MANY THINGS (just so i can buy new clothes :p)

T Shirts, formal blazer and blouse at first level.

Pajamas, skirts, plain t shirts and tank tops at second level.

Dress, color coded at third level.

Dress, color coded and also sweater and a bit of pants at fourth level.

Another pile of sweater and campus attire at fifth level.

My good blazers, gown, costume, and formal dress are being hung.

i need more closet, God :p

7. my tall cupboard
thanks mom for giving it to me! :)
first level is dedicated to my huge thick and difficult university books! from first year purcell, cutnell, and brady. my second year solomon, harvey until my favorite microbiology related text books : cappuccino (laboratory manual, black, and brock!)
second level to put (literally) anything inside.
third level to put some of my reading books.

fourth level to put my first light microscope and some of my poly pockets collection plus food shaped eraser (which is never been used to erase anything due to it's extra cuteness)
fifth level for my music book , score, etc.

8. my study

i rarely study (here). i study at a huge table outside my room in the middle of the house. to keep a good interaction with all of my family members. i haven't been tidying it much. i put some of my book, my stationary and diaries collection here. i also put photos and my poly pocket collection on top of my study!

9. a multi purpose basket
to put my everything LOL. from third semester journals to pile of disposable contact lenses! LOL.

10. my bed
the most comfortable bed ever! i love this more than heavenly bed from westin or sweet sleeper from sheraton. because my bed has my dolls (from little elmo, big elmo, series of fatty pigs and cows, until my lovely ifa bear), a warm bed cover and also a bed net (do say that i'm childish). currently i'm writing this on my bed :)

11. my end cupboard

people usually have end table but i have end cupboard instead :p it contains my favorite novels, mostly in english and chicklit-ish, like meg cabot. some of my books are also old and classic like i capture the castle or baby sitter's club. few are a bit smarter like abook about song writing and the famous tipping point or nice girls don't get the corner office.

12. my achievements board plus work station

this is where i put all of the ID from a gigs that i have ever played, brochure from a concert that i have ever participated, and also orchestra concert! and here i put my pink mini lenovo and also my cute eggy speaker, to keep my room musical! :>

and and, i guess i've described all the things in my room. LOL.

see you later in the next post, guys!

With Love, Afifa Ayu <3


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