Thursday, 28 January 2010

sporty girls!

well well well.
yesterday was our (me, hilda, helen, and irly) sporty day :D

LOL. and today my body is really really killing me.

due to our PE running test that will be held 4 weeks from now, we decided to do some practice.
and ok, we came at about 7am and it was already hot like hell.
we met so many SITH guys.

and we ran.

so the test will be 6 laps of sasana olahraga ganesha's soccer field. and the field was huge, really really huge.
finally we ran. me and irly almost completed 6 lap for 22 minutes (or maybe much more) hilda almost fainted. and helen took rest.

oh and it helps to run while listening to mp3.
especially dua hati menjadi satu by gita gutawa and dafi.
though it made my heart ache but the rythm suits my running speed.
and it reminds me of 'my sweetest happily ever-after teenlit' scene.
but that scene will still occur, though. so don't be sad! nothing will change, right?

and now my leg and my whole body still hurts.

not only the science subject, sport in ITB is also disastrous.
and i doubt that i'd get a high score (like A or AB, well just keep dreaming)

but if i keep practicing i'm sure that :
A. i'd get at least BC in my sport. i'd pass. and i HAVE to pass anyway!
B. i'll get thin.
C. my breathing will be better.

and my resolution this semester is to be healthier right?
body and mind.

gotta go practicing my meditation from thais, music camp is coming!


*it's a pity that i did not remember to take picture of 4 of us running :p later on i'll bring camera ^^