Monday, 25 January 2010

first daay!

well, first day back to itb :)

today i have free time from 10am until 4pm, so i go back home.
fortunately, itb didn't change my classmates. so i'll still stick together with my bests.
but they have changed the lecturer. i got new physics and chem lecturer, and i thought that they teach better and clearer. i gotta study hard to maintain my scores :)

now 2.42 pm, almost the time for P.E. and i'm really not in the mood to do P.E.
after P.E i'll have angsa dan serigala's practice at smooth. really good, i really need to spend a lot of time with other peope. because when i'm alone, every bad memories, worries, and miseries will strike me, hard. LOL

i've just practiced violin in my brand new room. LOL i'm exaggerating i'm just redecorating and rearranging things. but now i have the space for everything. my study, a big cupboard for my music books and university books and other books, another cupboard for stockings, bags and other things, a place to put keyboard, violin, standpart, and all :p

oh, and in this semester i will :
-write more frequently in this blog (whether it's just a quick update, or something more useful like recipe, music or thoguhts) rather than gazing on
A's facebook repeatedly and i'd feel longing and miserable.
B's facebook repeatedly and i'd feel too hopeful and too pessimistic.
C's facebook repeatedly and i'd feel jealous or i'll loathe C more and more.

practice violin regularly really practing, doing etudes and classical songs. and improve hearing too.

study music theoryso that i'll be prepared for the next ABRSM theory :P thanks to mas becke for all of the books and practice books.

repeat each lesson better GPA will soon come, i believe :P

practice keyboard. LOL. welcoming myself as a keyboardist.

practice singing
being pessimistic and optimistic in a adequate value

learn to cook more foods ^^

arthur-ing all day (OK, this is getting so cheesy LOL)

pray and pray and pray :)

oh gotta go now. it's 3pm! keep reading my blog everyone. pray for my first P.E. today!^^