Saturday, 16 January 2010

recording session indonesiaku ^^

i have just recorded my new song for indonesian song festival (ISF)the song name is indonesiaku.
this competition is held by indonesian government. and the winner's song would be registered to ASEAN song festival.

and i was just curious and registering myself.
i did not expect anything from this competition rather than experience. since this competition is open for everyone, i mean, a professional music player can also register.

the recording team was
me as violinist, vocalist, and glockenspiel player LOL.
mas hendy as guitarist and maracas player :)
mas medi as cellist.
and ilham as second violinist.
and also, mbak azisa as manager LOL.
mas edu as operator.

we did the recording on last tuesday, on aru of course :D
and the result was quite well. and i hope that i would get the best result for this competition :D
later on i'll post the song :)

here take a look of some crazy photographs (unfortunately not that good, because this pictures were taken only by mobile phone)

go maracas!

the manager ^^

hungry musician :p

mas edu, the cool operator ^^

ilham, doing his homework during the session LOL

ok, this brand new world is quite fine with me, cheers♥