Saturday, 5 June 2010

what road to choose :)

hey hello all!
okay loads of things have happened recently from a big changes until a small changes.

first of all #ACADEMIC THINGY
ok finally i have my GPA with me. it's satisfying and i really hope that i can enter microbiology with this GPA. and also fulfill my dream of being in SITH's dean list. amen. however, my destiny (whether i'll be a microbiology or a biology student) will be announced at 17th of june. please pray for me that i'll get microbiology as my major :)

second of all #PPN THINGY
well at least the first stage has finished~

third of all #LOVE THINGY
ok right now i'm focusing my love to a boy :p this decision includes really leaving my ex haha (i should have done that really long long time ago)
this boy to me is really superb. for the time being, i will let the things flow while showing that i DO care to you, boy :)

well, i feel really great and really sad at the same time. i am glad because finally i can release myself, learn to be independent. besides i can be closer to my family and best friends. i really agree that my ex has successfully made himself as the center of my world, sometimes it is just making me rather blind and insensitive to other people.
but in the other way, sometimes i just feel empty and lonely.
and since my new dream boy is only a crush, what can i expect? a 24 hours care? nah-ah, i cannot demand for that.

but i'm sure i can manage the things. i have to manage the things. this is the real moment for me to MOVE FORWARD, to be stronger and more independent!

fifth of all #MUSIC THINGY
it's still very fun and enjoyable as usual. i don't say that i am not serious. i am serious. but this music things appear in my life because it can decrease my stress for everyday's life :)
my short time goal is to be able to use music mode for improvisation (i'll explain why later in the following post) and to teach violin :)

but for overall my mood is quite good! and positive!
holiday has came. and i really wanna have fun! playing music, performing, cooking, planning my study, and having some great holiday!

happy holiday all! :)