Sunday, 27 September 2009

pray for me!

haha. here we go again. welcome to my hectic life :D

next week i will have physics quiz. and maybe tons of homework and i need extra concentration in class to perform well.

and i have just found a competition of online video music contest, named battle of the songs with deadline of 2 october 2009. and you know what? i will follow that :p

ok, crazy.
well at first, mom saw it at and she told me to follow it (of course she did :D)

i read the announcement carefully.
i was very positive to follow. i have the song, i only have to record it, have it edited, and zoom, send it to jakarta.

but then.
they need not only the music but also video clip of the song!!

at first i thought it would be impossible. i was like rrrrr -i cannot make a video clip, and who will make it for me?- and rrrr -making video clip? who would be the model? what would the scenes all about?

but well, God showed me the way :)
mas ammy and mas zaki helped me and giving me some basic clue about how to make a video clip and who can make it for you.
kak angkuy also suggested his friend, isha, the one who made bottlesmoker's videoclip.

and after loads of discussion.

with helped of kak isha i would make a video clip of one of my song.

i would record the music on tuesday.
and i would make the video clip on thursday. gotta skip classes though, but well, it might be my one and only attempt to feel how it's like to ditch the class in ITB first year :p hope that later on i would not be sick so my absent would still be 99.99% LOL

and hopefully, on friday morning. zoom it would be delivered to jakarta. amen.


well, very thrilling.

memang gak rame ikut lomba kalo gak mepet deadline HAHAHA

LOL :)

pray for me please :)

*for those who want to follow my "courage" to follow this competition please just go here for details :)