Monday, 10 August 2009


hyaa! it has been a YEARS (no, actually just a month) since the last time that i've updated this blog :)

ok. i'm quite busy with my FIRST YEAR OF UNIVERSITY THINGY.
ok, as i've mentioned before i'm now officially a university student of school of life sciences and technology ITB, alhamdulillah.
unlike other university such as universitas padjajaran and some others, ITB's freshmen the holiday is completely over now :(

and we have to do loads of thing. well, re-registration, getting my KTM (student's card) getting my itb's jacket, and of course a week of orientation -well uh, tortuartion?not sure yet-
i'm enthusiastic, well.

but i'd really prefer to just start studying as soon as possible. and i think that the orientation is rather too long, although the seniors won't scold you and torture you and ask you to walk and run with a giant backpack and then camp in the mountain; but i'm surely will feel all worn off after that. and i won't be able to keep up with my current schedule, night performances, practices, etc.

but well, as a good freshman, i will just follow the orientation, i will not push myself too hard though. i don't want to miss the first lessons due to my sickness if i push myself too hard.

and, university life will start soon.
and i'm curious about how it feels to be a university student. how it feels to hop from one class to class listening to the lecturer. i wonder how calculus subject would be :p
i'm really eager to spend my lunch together with friends at canteen. gather around together with friends to do assignment or just playing all day long.
i also want to try to be a real part of the extracurricular at itb.
ISO, the student orchestra, my dream orchestra :) since the first time i played with them i already had some kind of connection, and i really want to join ISO :)
SEF, i really want to represent itb for national/international debating competition. meaning i have to work extra hard, but that's ok. maybe me, marsha, gladys, or some other friends will be on ALSA UI again (for varsity!!) and WUDC (who knows?)

i really want to work really hard!

and i also want to teach violin for children :) i want to study violin, vocal, and songwriting better. i want to have more job and earn more money (if possible, a permanent job) i want to make many songs and record that and have my own album. i want to contribute more at angsa dan serigala, and hopefully we'll soon have our own.
i also want to get a good GPA, entering microbiology major, and attending one summer school. i want to finish my study on time.
and the most important thing is to have a better love life -not to say that mine is not fabulous right now, but i really want to make my dreams in this love come true, amen!- :)

yeah, so many hopes. but i will strive and pray to fulfill those :)

i will be a bright young lady, someday :)

pray for me :)

*P.S : i will drive a car to campus, hopefully, maybe one or two months from now. but i still have no idea how to drive a car, and of course, i still hasn't got my driving license. do anyone have any idea for a good driving lesson place in bandung? with good car and friendly teacher :)