Sunday, 12 July 2009

that's why God make women to deliver babies :)

You’re so sad maybe you should buy a happy meal
You’re so skinny you should really Super Size the deal
Secretly you’re so amused
That nobody understands you
(you're so gay-katy perry)

sometimes i'm really sick seeing my friend (all of them are guys)
who are very weak and desperate and helpless. and well, EMO and SAD.
ok, let me elaborate.

i met one at one of the so-called popular website.
all of the things that the guy talked about was about his weakness. he kept whining all the time. about the fact that he was not a good university graduate but he wanted so bad to 'help' his parent. but he was only complaining all the time, mopping around, and blame his 'not a good university graduate' thingy as the major cause of his not getting a proper job.
ok that was one.

the second one, was friend also, but not that close.
blaming that his family was messed up. his parent was not very warm and communicative. he acted so mean everyday. he never cares about other people's feeling and speaks mean thing hurting other people.
ok, that's one case and still tolerable.

how about double case?
there was a guy much more worse than that. ok, point out that he has a messed up family. and sometimes he said mean things and he didn't have any politeness. but the thing was that guy never moves on and seems to be hinder by all of his surroundings.

and the worst part is when that guy said that..
someone is an over achiever and that's normal because that someone's family is so damn warm, normal, and stinking rich.


get a life won't you? everyone can achieve something if they really want to work hard. it doesn't mean that if your parent has failed to build your personality and stuffs you have to live forever with that personality. i mean, you can learn you can study you can adapt good things from your surroundings to be better.

ok and then he went on that it's pretty much normal if that someone have so many knowledge because that someone's parent always buy them books, and encyclopedias at kinokuniya, qb world, aksara, periplus or just somewhere overseas.

but well hello, this is 21th century. book store with prices over 200thousands IDR is not the only source of knowledge. go to library or download e-books on internet. if you have time to blab around at forum that means that you're able to afford internet also and why don't you use that time and opportunity to download something that can make you a bit brainy?

i don't know what's wrong with some guys lately.
it seems like some guys would prefer to blame their surroundings if something go wrong. and they're just too lazy to be true. they are trapped inside and rather than fixing and improving themselves, blaming and hurting other people seems to be their main activities. geez.

instead of learning to do better, they seem to be more comfortable to think that their failure is understandable due to their messed up family, their peer pressured experience, their lack of education, their physical inability or whatever.

i just think that some guys can be such a sissy sometimes.
and that's really making me sick -_-

women sometimes are much more tougher than men. girl whose parent divorced still can get good grades at school and university. girl who suffers from near death experience and brain death for a few seconds can still life and strive until now(okay, that's me-if i want to be emo, i really have stocks of emo stories of life) ok, girl who suffer from dangerous disease that makes her unable to be exposed by direct sunlight still have spirit to be creative and although it's hard she's still working so hard.

i can conclude that if women and men are exposed to a bad surroundings, men tend to blame the thing and women tend to strive and be better.

maybe this is the reason why God make women not men who suffers from extreme pain and near death situation when they're delivering their babies.
altogether with their nurturing hand and also their great power and spirit to strive, that's true that behind one great man would most probably a one great woman.

i'm proud and happy to be a woman, and i'll always work hard to be a good woman, someday :)

*well, mind the strange ending. it's a bit off topic, but don't blame me, i've had fever and my mind's jumping around everywhere LOL :p