Sunday, 27 September 2009

love love love everyday :)

whew! i’m sure that i emit loads of this kind of pollution :)

♥ so full of love :D ♥

pray for me!

haha. here we go again. welcome to my hectic life :D

next week i will have physics quiz. and maybe tons of homework and i need extra concentration in class to perform well.

and i have just found a competition of online video music contest, named battle of the songs with deadline of 2 october 2009. and you know what? i will follow that :p

ok, crazy.
well at first, mom saw it at and she told me to follow it (of course she did :D)

i read the announcement carefully.
i was very positive to follow. i have the song, i only have to record it, have it edited, and zoom, send it to jakarta.

but then.
they need not only the music but also video clip of the song!!

at first i thought it would be impossible. i was like rrrrr -i cannot make a video clip, and who will make it for me?- and rrrr -making video clip? who would be the model? what would the scenes all about?

but well, God showed me the way :)
mas ammy and mas zaki helped me and giving me some basic clue about how to make a video clip and who can make it for you.
kak angkuy also suggested his friend, isha, the one who made bottlesmoker's videoclip.

and after loads of discussion.

with helped of kak isha i would make a video clip of one of my song.

i would record the music on tuesday.
and i would make the video clip on thursday. gotta skip classes though, but well, it might be my one and only attempt to feel how it's like to ditch the class in ITB first year :p hope that later on i would not be sick so my absent would still be 99.99% LOL

and hopefully, on friday morning. zoom it would be delivered to jakarta. amen.


well, very thrilling.

memang gak rame ikut lomba kalo gak mepet deadline HAHAHA

LOL :)

pray for me please :)

*for those who want to follow my "courage" to follow this competition please just go here for details :)

Saturday, 26 September 2009


aaaww. really sweet >3
really hope that someday someone will make this thing happen by ym/skype or anything :)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


ah, finally, holiday and I can write again =)
my new life as a university student, well, has made me a bit (A BIT?) occupied. Just look at my blog and facebook’s note, I really didn’t write any update for 1 month.

ok, let me tell you about my first month. My faculty, Sekolah Ilmu Teknologi Hayati is quite nice. I think that my faculty has the coolest acronym compared to other faculties. SITH from star wars. LOL. And also the blue building of SITH (used to be called labtek biru) is really cool. With all of the glass and metal material sometimes I feel like I am in an aerial base. I also love the tiles that form a double helix and also the all glass wall above it that form a giant mirror (I love to see my reflection there and wave LOL) and, well, almost forget to mention about the kebab and ice cream stall-though i haven't tried that, but it has been known to be utterly nice- and also equipped with green house and botanical garden, i think my faculty is kinda cool :)

my new friends are also very nice, diverse, and well, unique. ITB is a real melting pot, you have people from different region, all over Indonesia; varying in culture, habit, and accent. i will never get bored to just sit down in class and just looking at my surroundings. my friends are always very colorful. and well, right now, i've already had some close friends, although i'd rather not considered myself as a super social creature, but i do think that i made a quite good social interaction. and i love my new close friends; helen, irly, hilda, uti, febe; heart you all >3 oh, the guys here in SITH are also very nice. and, ehm, thanks to my small body, friends and also lecturer remember me from that. i know that being small is not always pleasant but sometimes it IS your uniqueness :)

and well, my progress on the academic. i have a good calculus and biology concept teacher. although i wasn't doing good in my first and second quiz of calculus, but i think that i'm doing calculus quite okay and i just have to do more practice. i have a sole chemistry and physics teacher arrgh. but i'm trying to be very objective and study hard at home, because i don't really understand their explanation. my physics teacher is too smart and my chemistry teacher is just a bit not well structured in teaching. the other subjects are going quite well and i think that i should not be worry. the conclusion is that i have to work extra hard, concentrate really hard at class, and practice harder at home. a good GPA is my goal and i have to study well to achieve that :)

and right now, i'm thinking of selecting biology as my major and ecology as my sub major. although microbiology with its molecular biology, genetics, and biotechnology seems to be very promising for a bright future but if everyone does want to enter microbiology then 5 years or 7 years from now on the world of microbiology will have been fully occupied and it will hard to be an excellent person when you have so many people concentrated there.
and why ecology? i think that ecology will always be an actual issues. environment is more damaged by the day and you will have to do something to make it better. someone mastering in this world will always be needed. and i think that this sub major allows us to make more interaction with people and nature. rather than spending a day in front of microscope and observing bacteria :D

ok let's move on to the extracurricular activities. i register to two units. ITB Student Orchestra, and Student English Forum. both ISO and SEF has evolved. ok, they're bigger and well developed now. and it's very good for them to have a loads of activity to welcome their new members and actually eliminate their new members by their so called loyalty to the unit. but unfortunately i just cannot divide my activities outside with my activities inside ITB. i'm trying to cope hard in ISO, well i kinda make it, following the interview, show off, i skipped some meeting and gatherings and i haven't collected iso black book. now they make us to make mini concert, hope that i can participate there. and SEF, i think that my absent to 3 meetings due to many things will not make me a member. maybe it's time for me to be really focus on music.
i think that i also have evolved. i have some regular things to do outside.

klabklassik is important to me, now that i feels a great sense of belonging. rgb concert is coming and i want to be a part of it not only as a player, i want to feel more of organizational aspect in klabklassik and learn to deal with society.
angsa dan serigala is another thing that has been a second family for me. the band has developed right now and i feel more and more comfortable. we have many dreams and upcoming projects. album is maybe the biggest goal right now. making an album requires a great concentration, practice and lot of time together. btw, don't forget to download our new single, bersamaku here and request it on the radio :)

klabklassik string trio oh how i love this trio. although we failed to play together as a team in Hilton bandung but i'm certain that job will still come to us. upcoming weddings, events, our project with kang pidi baiq, our plan to have a regular practice, and even our long term plan to make our own songs and recital (which seems so far away but who knows?) this thing really keep me busy and happy, i would never have a gut to sing in weddings and stuffs if mas syarif didn't push me. and i really want to make this trio established :)

my own violin study improving my violin playing is very important. i have to learn to be unique. my violin teacher think that i have enough basic of classical and now it's the time to develop my musicality and broaden my musical horizon. right now i'm learning improvisation technique (with my violin teacher's secret technique) beside improvisation technique i also want to learn more musical genre. i also want to learn about the sounding of the violin, since now i know very few about amplification and effects. i want to be able to make my violin TALK and INTERACT with people, not only making good sound and songs. i want my violin to be alive, i don't want to put a mindset that violin is only a musical instrument. my violin has to be a tool of communication and interaction that can cross different languages and cultures. violin has to be my way to express my thoughts.

and my own ambition i'm gonna make my name established someday. i have to practice violin and singing and composition real hard. i have to be productive in making songs, although it's really really hard. someday, i want to have an album of myself, playing my own songs with my family and friends involved. maybe for the mean time, my hope is to make a guitar song for mas syarif's recital and a recital of the trio in the following year.

along with all of the stuffs i've mentioned above, i think that right now it's the time to be focus. to be focus on music and university, getting good GPA and reaching my dream to be a violinist :)
oh, so many ambition and things to do.
gotta concentrate and work real hard! :)
pray for me :D

and hope i'll post more good updates in the next update post! :)